Three Wins

It’s not often that the people/teams that I cheer for in any sport win.  Sunday it was victory, victory, victory.  All in sports that non-sports fans would probably find incredibly boring.

First up was Men’s World Curling.  Canada won gold and won it fairly decisively.  I actually stoppes watching this game after about 6 ends, when it was clear they would win.  The really interesting game for Canada came during Saturday’s semi-final against Germany.  Right down to the second last rock of the game.  I enjoy watching curling.  The 4-Rock rule has been great for increasing offense and increasing viewing interest.

Then I switched over to NASCAR.  I always cheer for Jeff Gordon.  Yesterday he won, after coming back from 3 laps down.  I have yet to sit through an entire NASCAR race.  Too many laps that take too much time out of a day.  Usually I’ll watch a bit at the first, check in periodically over the next three hours, then try to tune in the final hour or so.  That’s what I did yesterday.

I ended the sports-day marathon with The Masters, watching Tiger Woods win his 4th green jacket.  It was a pretty exciting final round.  Chris DeMarco just wouldn’t give up, and kept pressure on Tiger who bogeyed his final two regular round holes, forcing a playoff.  Tiger won that.  He’s a pretty intense guy, that Tiger.  I doubt I’d like to hang out with him for any length of time, but he’s a pretty exciting golfer to be a fan of.

Also watched on Sunday:  Arrested Development, which continues to make me laugh out loud several times an episode.  And Deadwood, which I am enjoying more and more each week.


  1. Paul H says:

    You like Jeff Gordon?? GAAAWD!! Try cheering for Junior cause he sure needs it. (16th in points)


  2. dylan says:

    Junior doesn’t need any more people cheering for him. What he needs is a fraction of the talent that Jeff Gordon has. Gordon is clearly a much better driver and has proven it over the last few years. Whereas Jr. is a marketing campaign driven by Budweiser and his father’s legacy.


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