The Cruellest Month

I thought it was supposed to be April showers bringing May flowers, not April heavy snowfall warnings…
My mind has moved on from the concept of snow.  I’m not going ot like this.


  1. Hmm. Is it evil to tell you that yesterday was a balmy 21 degrees here at the height of the day? Or that even now the sun is shining but we are complaining about the lowly high of nine?
    Seriously, I understand. There comes a point when the season must realize it is time to throw in the towel and let the sun and showers NOT FLURRIES take over. Good luck weathering the storm, I hope it passes you by.


  2. Hey, are you going to do your annual “guess what the date will be when be when we hit 10 degrees?” guessing game? (maybe it’s not an annual thing yet, but if not, here’s your chance!) Or did we already have a 10 degree day?

    Anyhow, if you do, I guess April 19.


  3. I think we did have a 10 degree day. I find your passive agressive technique of getting me to do things oddly magnetic, J-Ro, something from which I seem unable to refuse.
    I will not do the guess the 10 degree day, but a similar type guessing game post will be coming forthwith, with the winner receiving kudos only. No cash or prize will be awarded.


  4. The old timers would call this our “smelt storm” I believe. Because you need this storm before you can go fishing for smelts… apparently.


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