Eenie Meenie My Knee Ow

It’s been a while since I updated you all on the status of my sore knees (I wait, as I hear the exhalation of air from  thousands of readers who’ve been holding their breath)…

I hurt my knees a couple of weeks after I started walking/jogging.  I am such a cliche.  Well, the pain was considerable at times, but (since it was the same type of pain as my recurring "university basketball knee injury" trouble) I knew it would eventually get better.  After two weeks of not really getting better, I decided I should see a doctor, so I went to a night clinic.  It was a fairly fast procedure, the night clinic, as I was in and out in about an hour and a half.
The doctor confirmed my expectations that all that was needed to heal me was time.  However, in her examination of my knees (what with the pulling and the gyrating and the flavin flave), she made them much much more painful.  I hobbled home and began my weeklong campaign of medicating myself with Advil (I usually don’t take pain medication, but this pain was an exception).  The Advil worked at hiding the pain, but my knees still felt pretty weak and tender.
That was almost two weeks ago.  By this past weekend, my knees are/were at about 90%.  The pain is gone, the Advil is gone, and only the occasional twinge of the slightest pain is experienced.

As the doctor was examining me, she was manipulating my legs in all manner of directions and noticed an odd cracking sound at in my hip region.  She didn’t like the sound of it and suggested that maybe jogging wouldn’t be the best approach for me in my quest to get healthier.

So, I’m not going to be running for a while.  I’ll begin a walking (and perhaps bicycling) regimine in about a week’s time, and build myself up from there.

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  1. Kreskin says:

    Rob, I would strongly suggest that you arrange to get a bone density test. Do it this week because there is a 2 year waiting list. I speak from experience … or rather from my wife’s experience. Her sore knees turned out to be from the way her femur was rotating/re-aligning as her hip socket deteriorated. By the time it was diagnosed properly, it was too late and she had to have her hip rebuilt. While you are waiting for that bone density test, see if you can get x-rays of your pelvic region and take them to an orthopaedic specialist. If there is deterioration, it may show up on the x-rays (although it didn’t with my wife until it had progressed to the stage where it needed to be operated on). Maybe a CT scan or MRI would do a better job? Your knee problems and “odd cracking sounds” from your pelvic region may be something entirely different than what Connie suffered or it may be nothing at all, but …


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