He(a)r(e) Squared

Is it "Hear! Hear!", or is it "Here! Here!"?

My inclination is to think it’s Here! Here!, but I could see it going the other way too.

Hear! Hear!… as in "Listen to what is being said.  And by me requesting that all around hear what is being said, I am endorsing it!"


Here!  Here!… as in "I agree with, and endorse what was just said.  I do.  Me.  Right here.  Here." or "I endorse you, sir. Me, standing here!"

I suppose too, it could be "Hear here!"…as in "Everyone here, in the vicinity of the speaker, hear what he has to say!"


  1. It’s definitely ‘hear, hear’ as in ‘hear ye, hear ye’.


  2. It's definitely 'hear, hear' as in 'hear ye, hear ye'.


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