U B Me

Okay, my posting has fallen way off.  I apologise. Or apologize (I can never be sure about the ‘s’ ‘z’ thing).
A few reasons why I’ve not been blogging:  to be honest, I feel like I’ve kinda run out of things to say.  Then I get that "I’m in a slump" feeling and think I need a good posting to get me out of the slump. Then, whenever I begin to write something, I get into it, then an overwhelming "this is a stupid waste of time post" despondency comes over me and I erase it.  Then I build it up in my mind to where the post has to be fantastic before I deem it Monster worthy. Boo hoo, me.

So, I’m in a slump, and who does one turn to when one is feeling down?  Why, one turns to the anonymous and not so anonymous friends who frequent one’s blog.  And so I turn you do, dear reader.  I turn to you with an offer. 

How about you write a post (or two, or three) for me?  The only stipulation is that you need to write it as if it’s me who’s written it.  In my voice (or lack thereof).  Write your The Annekenstein Monster post and email it to me at my email address on the left hand side there… "send it 2 me at gmail dot com"
If I receive any, I’ll most likely post them.  I’ll not indicate, in the posts, which ones were not written by me.  It’ll be a little secret between you and me.  Only I get all the glory, because people will think your excellent words will have come from my brain.

To write like me, I suggest you follow these guidelines:  1) have bad plumbing in your home.  Bad plumbing holds a wealth of blogable material.  Actually, I’m thinking of nailing some holes in the toilet, just so I’ll have something to post about.  2) when driving to work, look at something totally innocuous and vow to write about it.  Good ‘somethings’ are birds by the side of the road, signs, a solitary glove stuck to a branch of a tree (actually, don’t take that one, ’cause I’m writing a great post about the very thing.  oh, what the hell, you can have that one).  3) take a trip to Moncton and then type the boring details of the trip, as if it was interesting. 4) make the Miami Dolphins your favourite sports team.  The disappointment you feel, loss after loss, should be sufficient to encourage you to write "my" blues away.
Remember, I’m rather proud of my "clever" post titles, so if you’re going to submit an "authentic" Rob MacDonald TAM post, please include the sharp title.

Thanks for your help.  I’m sure you all will have no problem out Robbing Rob.

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