Does This Thing Still Work?

Yeah, so I’ve been really busy at work.
Too busy to keep in touch with your online friends, Rob?
Well, yeah, kinda.  There’s a lot of stuff happening and some of it doesn’t belong on this blog, so I kinda took a hiatus from here while it sorted out.
You mean "from us".  Did you even consider how we’d feel during this so-called hiatus?  Listen to you, with the big Hollywood word.  Is that it?  Have you gone all Showbiz on us now, Rob?  And we still don’t buy it, this ‘too busy’ crap.  Are you seriously saying that you couldn’t find a moment or two to touch base?  A minute out of your jam-packed day to say "Hi friends."  One minute?  You know, we honestly don’t believe it takes you much more time than that to come up with most of your posts anyway.
Hey, that hurts. Sometimes I take a lot of time to come up with these posts.
Not this one, I’ll bet.
No, not this one.
So, you’re back?  You’ll be posting again.
I hope so.
We missed you.
I missed you all too.


  1. graham says:

    I was about to claim this blog as mine….


  2. Sidney says:

    I think that the ittalycs would totally take time demonstrating your commitment to blogging.


  3. Jay-Ro says:

    Good to have you back buddy. It was like the Guardian had stop being published. Except that I cared.

    The Annekenstein Monster. Covers the Island like the dew-d.


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