Will America Finally Be A-Fed Up?

I only got to watch the final two performances of American Idol last night, and I am pretty sure I’m glad of that.  I think maybe I enjoy American Idol more if I don’t watch it.  Aw, who am I kidding.  I’d prefer to watch and not enjoy it.

Anyway, I can’t really comment on the performances or the judges or the repartee of last night’s show, but I can probably safely say that: the performances were such that I wouldn’t have enjoyed them (in all the American Idol performances I’ve ever seen, in all the years, the only performance I *enjoyed* was likely Fantasia’s "Child that’s got his own" from last year.); the judges were mostly asanine except for the spot-on Simon; and the repartee was neither repart or partee.

I don’t know how the kicking off works when there’s only four, but I think Carrie and Anthony will be the two who will be on the edge of leaving tonight, with Anthony finally getting the boot, 9 episodes too late.
Really, I have no idea what The Idiotic Masses Of America(tm)’s thinking with this year.  They’re certainly not thinking with their Talent Meters.  Heck, even Bo could go tonight.

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