The Okie Music Hall Of Fame

Last night, Vonzell got the boot.  Finally.
Even though there are two remaining American Idol contestants, there really is only one viable choice.
Watching the "Idol goes back to their hometown" video segments and Carrie went back, got the key to the city, and also received induction into the Oklahoma  (I just spelled it Oklahomo, then changed it – I wonder how many soft Okie boys have been called an Oklahomo?) Music Hall of Fame.
I immediately thought to myself "if I was a member of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame, I’d be pretty sad to suddenly have my status decline in such a dramatic way by the inclusion of such a robotic ‘of the moment’ barely-talent like Carrie Underwood.  Kind of like when Lassie got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  It instantly devalued all significance such a gesture meant to worthwhile people who received it before and after.

Bo will win.  Bo must win.  And I don’t really like his music.  It’s just that Carrie is such a blip of talent, it’d be sad if she won.  Her lack of talent (yes, she can sing, but she can’t – you know – sing.  No soul) doesn’t deserve it.

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