The Answer My Friends Is Belinda Wins

Okay, so it’s supposed to be Blowin’ in the Wind.  I expect I’d have needed to explain that title…unless you say it fast out loud, and in just the right way.

So, Belinda Stronach walks across. Not quite the same impact as hearing that Gretzky went to the Kings from Edmonton, but I admit, I’m glad of this if it means no spring or summer election, as it most likely will.  I like Belinda.  Really the main thing I had against her was that she was on the Conservative side.  As for who I’d prefer:  Martin or Harper as leader?  What’s that saying:  It’s better to side with the devil you know than with Stephen Harper.

Hey, lookit me!  I’m talking politics.  I’m a big boy now!  Note, though, that I put this in the category "Games".


  1. josh says:

    yeah, canadian politics is like a really good reality show. Shifting tribal alliances, scandal, broken promises, even a little romance. I think Belinda might just outplay them all. She’s going to keep the Liberals alive until the Gomery report comes out. Then when Martin decides to take his long walk in the snow, she could be well placed to be the next prime minister. Optics wise, this is a huge blow to the Conservative/ Alliance. They are once again looking like churchy church Alberta cowboys.


  2. graham says:

    Conservative pricks. I just woke up, and I hate City Police, The Allience Party, most church goers(atleast the ones that take it seriously), American Fundementalists, Left Wing fundemantalists (just as ignorant as the right ones), drivers, joggers, coke-heads, girls who prefer coke-heads, jobs, rapists, pop music, liars, Prime time, Stephen Harper’s face, Elvira, High school and so much more.
    If you recognize yourself as one of the above, then fuck you


  3. graham says:

    Sorry. I’ve been awake now for a while and just checked up on my comment.
    I didn’t mean that I hate joggers or liars.


  4. Sidney says:

    I LOVE Belinda. I think I have a crush on her. I love something interesting and scandelous in Canadian politics. What a lovely change of pace. While I initially found humour in old Peter’s sadness, I did begin to feel a little bit sorry for him. What with his not sleeping and not speaking to Belinda and feeling a lot of sadness. But I am still laughing a little. I think that we could be looking at Canada’s first elected female prime minister… And she is so pretty.
    Also, if anyone wants to help, I am moving on Monday. Strapping men? Strapping women?


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