Alone, At Last, You And I

Okay, I think it’s safe to return now.
Finally, Devoted Reader, you and I can be alone. All those fair-weather posters and hangers-on to this blog have by now departed for other blogs; tired of waiting for updates on the minutae of my life, desperate to comment on anything, anywhere, they have gone.
Now it can be just as it should be:  Me, posting my little moments of nothingness, and you, Devoted Reader, reading and occasionally responding.
This should show you, once and for all, Devoted Reader, just how committed I am to our relationship.  Do you have any idea how difficult it’s been, in the past ten days, to not post about the growth of my grass, or the status of my toilet bowl?  Yes, I know it’s been hard for you too, not having new updates about the Fist of Fingers, wondering how in the world you’ll get your updates on what I think of the final season of Six Feet Under.  I know it was hard for all of us.
But it had to be done.  I had to purge this site of its pending popularity.
Now it’s a wasteland, except for you, Devoted Reader, a desert of deserted thoughts and ideas.
Now that it’s just you and me, alone, well, now we can really get something going.

It’s the return of Daily Postings, here on The Annekenstein Monster.


  1. Wow, someone else to whom I can start a 6FU conversation without beginning it with “OK, I can’t tell you anything until you watch the next 3 seasons.. ps don’t get too attached to you-know-who”


  2. You bastard. You are posting on another blog aren’t you? Admit it. After five years of putting up with your shit and admiring your work you leave us, only to come back with that smug “where will he go” attitude. You whore. What do you do, check in to a cheap motel to post on some other site?

    Calico, I want a divorce.


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