I Saw Your Balls

Well, our first show of the summer is finished.  What a relief.
The house was pretty much full, the crowd was ready for a show, and they got one.  It felt really good to hear laughter at the places where we were hoping laughter would occur.  It felt really good to hear gasps  at the places we thought there might be gasps.  Overall, I was somewhat overwhelmed by the positive response from the audience, both during the show, and afterwards, talking with those who stuck around, and who showed up at the Opening Night party at St. James Gate.  I believe much of the positive commentary was honestly offered, too, which is nice.  But maybe I’m necessarily naive in that respect.

Comment of the night, as it related to me:  At The Gate, talking to a couple of people, and this pretty young lady that I didn’t recognise walks past me and whisper-speaks:  I saw your balls.  As for the context of how that might happen during the show, I’ll leave that to the imagination of those who haven’t seen the show yet.  I was left speechless when she said it.  I almost asked her if she liked what she saw, but I was afraid her reply might be in the negative and I’d be forever scarred emotionally by her potentially cutting remark.  So, I didn’t say anything.  I was kind of wishing she’d have said "nice balls" instead, though.

As for the rest of the show, I was very pleased with the way we performed it, and the way the audience reacted to it.  I was very nervous about performing my Debbie Gaudet monologue (especially with my in-laws in the audience), since she is, well, let’s say she’s [understatement} a bit potty-mouthed [/understatemnt].  I walked out and there was probably about 30 seconds of huge laughter just at the costume.  After that, my fears disappeared and I launched into a speech that I found very therapeutic.  That sketch was probably my personal highlight.
I am, of course, very fearful to perform it again tonight.

To those of you who came out to the show last night, thanks for laughing and being generous with that laughter.  You are all very kind.


  1. Cyn says:

    Congrats Rob! Sorry I couldn’t be there. I’m over in NB for my 25th high school reunion and helping Dad paint the cottage.
    I’ll be there next week. Can’t wait.


  2. Calico Cat says:

    Saw your Summerside opening last night. Gut busting funny. All I expected and more. Thanks for the laughs.

    P.S. The Mrs. loved your monologue at the end.



  3. Rob MacD says:

    Thanks for coming out, Calico. That Summerside crowd was very enthusiastic.


  4. stage manager says:

    nice balls


  5. Squirl says:

    I just found your blog through Nils’ site. Pretty funny.


  6. Nils says:

    Squirl, if you think the site is funny, you should see the show.

    Or his balls.


  7. Jason White says:

    I really liked sketch this year, but I think it was a bit too bleeding edge for some people. My favorite sketches were the toy doll and racino (Rob I love your character from that, good stuff)


  8. jason coolidge says:

    That’s nothing… i saw Elvira Kurt’s balls!
    They were all shriveled and gross!


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