Come Running Back

Ah, the madness in South Florida continues.  Last year, about this time, as I was trying to convince myself that the Miami Dolphins had a reasonable chance to make the playoffs and then who knows what might happen, the star of the team, the man the whole offense was built around, Ricky Williams, the guy whose doll I have sitting in my living room, left the team.
His reasons were many, mostly depending on what mood he was in… tired of football… needs to find himself… didn’t want to be penalized by the NFL’s drug policy… the Taco Bell dog told him to quit…  Anyway, his departure caused the Dolphins to have their worst season since the 1960s.

And now, after a year of living in a tent in Australia, learning meditation techniques in a holistic univeristy in northern California, after travelling to the oddest places (both geographically and personally it seems), after learning that he owes the Dolphins 8 million dollars because he broke his contract with them… after all that…

Ricky has returned.  Yes, Ricky Williams is back as a Dolphin.  He is at training camp, right now, as I type (I just checked the NFL football sites online and no reports of him leaving, so that’s a pretty safe sentence).
He’ll miss the first four games of the season because he’s a dope smoker (or was a dope smoker, he claims to have given it up), but I cannot wait to see him back in action.  Yes, I fully expect that he’ll never make it onto the field in a regular season game, that he’ll hear a bird tell him to become an astronaut or he’ll be caught with illegal substances in his system, but I also fully expect him to make a glorious return to the game and be the star of the entire season (except those first four suspended games, of course).
Who knows whether his return is motivated by the desire to play the game, or the desire to rid himself of the debt he owes the Dolphins – – okay, we all know it’s the monetary reason that brings him back – – I’m just glad to have him back.

So, Ricky, welcome back, you flaky nut, you.  All I ask from you is to run hard as a Dolphin until this season is over.  With you, that is a lot to ask, perhaps.


  1. dylan says:

    With Ricky back and a fresh new RB from the draft in Ronnie Brown things might be looking up for the mighty Dolphins. Except you still need a QB to win in the NFL and Miami’s in trouble at the QB position.


  2. Sprague says:

    Dylan hinted at it, but I’m gonna come right out and say it. By the end of training camp the Dolphins will have fully realized that their man this year is Ronnie Brown. After the first four games of the regular season, when Ricky makes his return, he’ll play a few reps in one game…then he’ll be on the trading block. I don’t think the Dolphins are ready to risk any further Ricky embarrasment. Plus, Ronnie Brown is one hell of a talent. He’s no “Ricky in his prime” but neither is Ricky. Hell, Ricky is 20 lbs lighter and a vegetarian now, he’ll get broken. That’s my prediction; Ricky gets ten reps, maybe, and then gets sent to Oakland! And, oh ya, they do need a QB, desperately!


  3. dylan says:

    Oakland has their RB answer already with LaMont Jordan. They no longer are interested in Sticky Icky Ricky. I agree that the Dolphins would like to trade Ricky but I also don’t think that will be possible. No one wanted to trade for premiere backs like Shaun Alexander or Edgerrin James so unless the Dolphins give Ricky away for less than a 4th round pick they will run him all year long.


  4. Rob says:

    Of course, Ronnie Brown needs to show up for training camp. Once he does, though, I think he and Ricky will be a pretty formidable one-two punch.
    As for the qb situation, I, for no real good reason other than blind-fan-optimism, think that Gus Frerotte will be a pleasant surprise this year.
    I think the Dolphins will be a solid team this year.


  5. sprague says:

    It’s so nice to drem Rob! I admire your optimism. But come on, Gus Ferotte????


  6. jeff says:

    RB’s are a dime a dozen this season..or in Ricky’s case, a dime bag. If you can’t give away RB’s like Edgerrin James and Shaun Alexander who’s going to want a new Ricky without a full season under his belt. The combo of Ricky (even in limited reps) and Ronnie Brown will make a huge difference to Miami this season.

    As for your QB hopes, the Gus Ferotte dream will snap faster than blood vessels in Tedy Bruschi’s skull but it could be could still be stuck with Jay Fiedler and AJ Feeley (might as well have Ace Freeley taking snaps as that).


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