Putting the "stmas" Back In "Christmas"

Hey all you Christmas Lovers, Christmas Haters, and People Who Don’t Have Much Of An Emotional Stake In Christmas One Way Or The Other, Sketch22 is putting on a show just for you!
That’s right.  We’re in the process of writing a bunch of Christmas-themed sketches and videos.  And the plan is to allow anyone who wants to, to come to the Guild in Charlottetown on any of 8 nights in December* and, after paying a small entrance fee, watch us act out those sketches live on stage**.

So, if you’re interested in seeing what a bunch of atheist or agnostic (and perhaps a Closeted Christian or two – Sketch22 enforces a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy) wildly-talented*** and boastful sketch comedians come up with on the topic of Christmas, make sure to attend.  I’ll bet that we surprise you****
It’s guaranteed to be the best sketch comedy show presented this December on Prince Edward Island”*””*.

*the specific 8 nights will be announced at a later date.
**video segments will not be performed live on stage.
***not an actual boast
****not an actual bet.
*****guarantee not valid on Prince Edward Island.


  1. Calico says:

    You have to do a sketch portraying the perverted uncle who dresses as Santa that enjoys children sitting on his lap!Calico, a sick bastard with a sense of humour.I'll see the show regardless..


  2. Graham says:

    Nothing to do with this post, my comment is about Showtime's 'weeds'. A very brave show that may go under the radar. I encourage all to check it out.


  3. señior psychosis says:

    Would that be Uncle Calico?


  4. Calico Cat says:

    No I am not that sick,,, I just remember a hilarious sketch from a late night TV show (Sat. Night Live?) that featured an “Uncle Perve”, my twisted mind found it funny, nothing more.Calico, extremely normal to the point of boredom.


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