Dancing For The Stamps

An unfinished, unproduced script from my Sketch-22 years

Flying Away Dead & Boobs

Dave Stewart and I come up with all sorts of strange, funny-to-us, oddball things. One such thing was the idea of an old vaudeville comedy act called Flying Away Dead and Boobs. FAD was one character, Boobs the other. I cannot remember how we came up with the names, but it is a terrible nameContinue reading “Flying Away Dead & Boobs”

Behind The Sketches: Smelt Shack / Seal Video

Yeseterday’s post – Stand Up, Canada, Atticus Finch Is Passing By – was about a Sketch-22 sketch that opened the 2nd act of our Season 7 production. Today’s sketch topic – Smelt Shack – closed the first act of that same production, and features characters who are perhaps on the opposite end of the Canadian culturalContinue reading “Behind The Sketches: Smelt Shack / Seal Video”

Behind The Sketches: Stand Up Canada, Atticus Finch Is Passing By

Harper Lee and her fictional character, Atticus Finch, have been in the literary headlines over the past few months.  It made me think back on a Sketch-22 sketch I wrote for our 7th (and final) season – Stand Up, Canada. Atticus Finch Is Passing By.  I had a couple of minutes today, so I wentContinue reading “Behind The Sketches: Stand Up Canada, Atticus Finch Is Passing By”

Sketch22 – Now With Extra Nights

Here’s a bit of news for you: The Confederation Centre of the Arts has decided to give Sketch22 an extra two weekends of late night comedy at The Mack.  New shows added are Friday August 28, and Saturday August 29.  Plus a special Thursday night show on September 3, and the whole season now wrapsContinue reading “Sketch22 – Now With Extra Nights”

Sketch22 – Funny Or Die – Gay Divorce Sketch

About two weeks ago, Sketch22’s “producer with the Orange Juicer”, Jay-Ro (or Ro-J) [hey, I’m trying to make this post topical with a weak OJ Simpson vibe to it] was contacted by THE guy who runs (or A guy who works for) the website Funny Or Die (that’s the website that was co-founded by WillContinue reading “Sketch22 – Funny Or Die – Gay Divorce Sketch”

Vote For Your Least Un-Favourite!!

22 Second Video Challenge Submissions Now Online! 7/8/2007 Entries to the 22 Second Video Challenge can now be viewed on the Sketch22 Media page. Just scroll to the bottom to see the submissions. They are: “Two Of Us” by Sherri Smith“NotE-Snuff” by Adam Perry“The Belly Button” by Eric Grimstead and Simon Wright“Nature Nut” by SherriContinue reading “Vote For Your Least Un-Favourite!!”

First Annual Sketch 22 22 Second Video Challenge

Sketch-22 is hosting the first annual 22 Second VideoChallenge. To enter, all you have to do is shoot a twenty-two secondvideo. Twenty-two seconds! A monkey could do that! One of the typesthat smokes and rides bicycles anyway. So what should your video beabout? Anything goes! The more outrageous the better. Email your videoto 22secondvideo@sketch22.ca. JustContinue reading “First Annual Sketch 22 22 Second Video Challenge”