David Cross Responds To Larry

Apparently comedian David Cross and Comedian Larry the Cable Guy are having a bit of a public tussle.  David, in a RollingStone interview, said something about Larry, and then Larry, in response to the RS quote, wrote something about David in his book.

This link is the latest (I assume) volley from David Cross.  I always enjoy it when someone takes the time to actually make arguments, counter other’s assertions and defend their opinions, point by point.  This is what David Cross does here, in this link.  That it is entertaining to boot, well, that’s always a bonus.

If the link doesn’t work, try going here, to the Bob and Dave website, and clicking on the David’s Corner link…

For the record, I am a pretty big fan of both David Cross’ comedy and his publicly-stated opinions and positions on most things relevant to todays socio-political climate.

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  1. Yanik says:

    What a great rebuttal!
    I think I was cheering inside as I read.


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