My Own Private Charlottetown

As I was leaving rehearsal today, and walking to my car, I passed the UpperRoom/Foodbank, which is just behind the Guild.
As I was passing, I saw three older men, probably late 50’s, standing outside the door.  As it was around 5pm, I assumed them to be waiting to eat.  By their appearance, and their location, I assumed them to be some of Charlottetown’s destitute.  They were in conversation.  As I got close enough, I got to hear a snippet of their conversation:

"…does blowjobs to get some.  I haven’t done that yet…"

None of these men are what one would consider handsome.  I am still having a hard time trying not to conjure up mental images.


  1. dave s says:

    rob –

    what these guys were referring to are the stamps that you can collect and put into stamp books available at irving gas stations throughout the maritimes. they’re called “fuck, suck, lick and stamp books” and you collect stamps kinda like you get boy scout badges. neat, huh?


  2. Tracy says:

    I feel ill.


  3. maryanne says:

    Would it have decreased the ickiness if the guys had been handsome? And isn’t “handsome destitute” a rare combination?


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