Pick’em Down To The Wire

Well, with only one week remaining in the regular season, and then the playoff games left, The Annekenstein Monster’s small but mighty playoff pool is really coming down to the wire.

Here are the standings as of this week:

reverseflash:  130-110 (54.2%)  points:  150   Last Week: 11-5
annekenstein: 130-110 (54.2%)  points:  150  Last Week: 10-6
Jim Simmonds: 127-113 (52.9%)  points:  141  Last Week:  10-6
Graham the Conqerer: 92-102 (47.4%)  points: 82  Last Week: 10-6

Over the course of the season, it had been a two-way battle for first place, between Jim Simmonds and myself, but JS has slipped the past couple of weeks and has some catching up to do.  Reverseflash, early in the season, was down and out but has been coming on strong and is a strong threat to win it all.  I’ve been pretty steady throughout the whole season, and if I don’t win, at least I’ll have that to comfort me.  Graham the Conquerer was right up there at the top the first half of the season, but at one point he forgot (I assume) to enter picks for a week and that pretty much ended his chance.  Like a trooper, though, he’s been playing out the season.
For a brief period, we had a fifth member, Nils, but I believe he only picked one week, or two, then wasn’t heard from again.  After a number of weeks of not picking, I removed him from the game.  His stats were bringing the group’s average down.  As a group, we are at 52.4% for the season.

Isn’t it exciting, wondering who will win this totally meaningless pool?


  1. dylan says:

    Yeah it’s been a long comeback from the beginning of the season when I completely misjudged most teams. Do you remember this quote Rob? “the “I don’t want to play anymore” award goes to reverseflash with a paltry 2-14 record.” It took me a couple of weeks to get a handle on the NFL season (followed up that 2-14 first week with a 4-12) but since then I’ve been on fire. With any luck I’ll have a good final week but the last week of the season might be just as hard to predict as the first week was with teams resting players. Hopefully I’ll do well and pull off the dramatic comeback even if not it’s been fun (Not as much fun as my pro line wins but fun none the less) and I look forward to starting out next year better.


  2. Rob says:

    Don’t forget, the pool goes right up to the SuperBowl, so playoff picks count too.


  3. graham says:

    Yo, I will eagerly continue with my picks but if you want the pool average up I’ll gracefully bow out. My chances are technically possible, if God decided to intervene and render my 3 competitors disabled, and grant me the power of omnivision. Seahawks or Chargers will be one of the Superbowlers in my hopeful opinion. I think the colts might make it but, for some strange reason, they’ll pobably muck it up in the end.


  4. Rob says:

    I’d put money on the Seahawks making it to the SB. As for their AFC competitor, I’ll not bet against the Colts until they lose a meaningful game (then it’ll be too late of course). I think the Chargers have blown their wad and are done. The Steelers have been dominant the past two weeks. And the Patriots are starting to remind us of their old self.

    Still, I say Seahawks-Colts and the Colts will walk away with the trophy.

    And, of course, Graham, please stay in the pool.


  5. dylan says:

    San Diego Chargers were eliminated from playoff contention last week.

    Playoff picks are tough until we see the match ups in the first round and just where homefield advantage will lie. But both Seattle and Indy have homefield throughout and will be tough to beat on their home turf. Then again the Patriots have Tom Brady and he just doesn’t lose in the playoffs.

    AFC-Looks like it’s the Colts year but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Patriots or Bengals upset them. Maybe it’s because I hate Denver but I don’t see them doing well. Pittsburgh isn’t as frightening when they are on the road. Jacksonville looked dangerous until Taylor and Leftwich got hurt.

    NFC-Seahawks are my pick but Chicago has a D that just might be able to win as long as Rex Grossman keeps making plays and not mistakes. Carolina was my pre season favourite but they just haven’t gotten it done lately and that is bad. The other teams in the NFC have some big holes.


  6. Nils says:

    Ah, geez … sorry about that. I went off on tour, missed two weeks in a row (after having entered late) and figured I’d be toast, so I just stopped picking. Guess I should have notified someone.

    But really, it’s a good thing I quit. I’d estimate I’d be around 65 – 70% with my picks, and everybody else would be fighting for second place, which is nowhere near as fun as this race to the wire.

    Either that, or I’d suck the way I did on the week when I DID pick, and I’d be trailing by a mile and embarrassed as hell. Either way, quitting was probably the right choice.

    Maybe next year.


  7. dylan says:

    Well Nils we could do CFL pick’em next year. I’d probably be horrible but would steadfastly pick the Edmonton Eskimos to win everytime and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to lose.


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