Pigskin Pick’em Oinkers

In an earlier post, I mentioned how I was having trouble picking which NFL teams would win this weekend, and how I had, earlier in the week, made my selections but then changed 3 of the 4 of them.
Well, my earlier picks were:

Washington over Tampa Bay by more than 2 1/2 points
New England over Jacksonville by more than 7 1/2 points
NY Giants over Carolina by more than 2 1/2
Pittsburgh over Cincinatti by more than 2 1/2 points.

If I had kept them, I’d have been 3 out of 4.
But I switched them.  To this:
Washington over Tampa Bay, beating the spread (I was pretty sure the underdog Redskins were gonna win this game.  Because my brother is a fan.)
New England over Jacksonville (I thought NE would win, but I didn’t think they’d win by more than a touchdown, so I changed my pick on this one.  I lost to the spread.
New York over Carolina (I thought Eli Manning would play a good game.  And I underestimated the Panthers)
Bengals over Pittsburgh (I shoulda stuck with Pittsburgh.  But I lost.)

Anyway, the Washington/Tampa Bay game was fantastic.  The New England game (I really hate NE) looked like it could go either way (neither offense came to play, it seemed) until the third quarter when either the Patriots elevated their game or the Buccaneers gave up on their’s), when it became a blowout.
Didn’t watch much of the Giants/Panthers game, but didn’t look like it was really close.  Same for the Pittsburgh (shoulda stuck with Pittsburgh) game.

Results in a 1 and 3 weekend for me.  So, I’m likely down to second place now, in the Pick’em pool.
Next weekend’s games look like they’ll be fantastic.


  1. dylan says:

    Great weekend of football. I was having a hard time settling in on which teams I thought would win but when it came down to it I stuck with my initial evaluations. There were two games I thought were absolute locks NE and Carolina to win big. I’ve liked Jax since they drafted Leftwich but just didn’t believe they could overcome Leftwich’s and Taylor’s injuries on the road against the defending Champs. Carolina was my pre season Superbowl pick for the NFC and I knew John Fox would have them firing on all cylinders against a NY team with a decimated LB corps.

    My question marks were Wash and Cincy but in the end I stuck with both picks because I thought that Washington would force Simms to make mistakes and the defence would carry the game. I figured this was Cincy’s year to step over an uneven Pittsburgh team with homefield advantage providing enough help to the defence. And I still think if Carson Palmer had not been injured on the second play that Cincy would have indeed won this game but the second Palmer went down so did any chance the Bengals had. They fought so hard in the first half and a glimmer of hope existed but then in the second half the loss of Palmer was obvious and the Steelers ran over them. Palmer’s injury cost me a perfect first round of the playoffs, $145 pro line ticket, and $10 bucks I wagered a friend. But on the plus side this makes possible the INDY vs NE AFC championship game.


  2. graham says:

    I got some pretty good first round picks based solely on team names resembling sounds in songs I was listening to when picking them. I got the same playoff #s as Dylan so far.


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