Joe Sherman

I didn’t know Joe Sherman well, but well enough to stop and talk to him occasionally when we’d meet on the street or at a bookstore.  When we stopped, we’d usually talk about movies or the local theatre scene.  I often was a bit intimidated talking to Joe, as it seemed obvious that his thinking was on a different plain than mine.  As his Buzz articles no doubt
indicate, Joe Sherman loved words and enjoyed using them in his
writing, poetry and everyday conversations.   As such, it was always entertaining to talk with him.
 Joe, as have been so many others over time, was kind enough to offer the occasional idea for a sketch for whatever group I was in at the time.  The only one I really remember, and only because he offered it to me a couple of times, was a parody musical of Guys and Dolls.  He called it Buoys and Gulls.

Joe, over the last while, has been battling cancer.  Today, he succumbed.
My condolences go out to everyone who is affected by his passing.


  1. graham says:

    It’s a huge loss. My love to all those who knew him. Especially, Ann.


  2. davem says:

    jesus. i’m shocked. i thought he’d be with us for a while longer.

    aside from being accosted regularly at the farmers’ market about movies, i remember joe best from doing a play based on his book of poetry, Shaping the Flame, about the life of Raul Wallenburg.

    i was just out of theatre school and the idea of making a play out of poems was right up my alley. it was an amazing experience, i thought it was “important” in an unpretentious pei way. i thought stuff like that would go on forever. but it doesn’t, it’s so hard to create anything, let alone something that has “something to say”. and i give it to joe: he always had something to say.

    i’ll miss his voice. lots of love to Ann and his family.


  3. graham metson says:

    I was very sad to find out about Joe’s untimely demise.. He was a young man  a fine Poet writer and lovely person  I met Joe when he started Arts Atlantic In fact I was in nearly every early issue.. we became good friends   He was an extraordinarily good editor publisher ..He made a local magazine into the paradigm Art magazine of Canada no hogwash intelligent and understandable

    We would meet whenever I was in PEI wedid not meet that much but each meeting was full of ideas concepts and enthusiasm ..we talked on the phone Talking to JOE on the phone was something else I don’t know anyone who could talk so long.. 
    I last saw him as I was leaving the maritimes for Montreal when Arts Atlantic was undergoing change and Joe was distressed I am often thought back to that meeting. 
    I / we will miss him The arts community is at a loss
     I am not good at this  To his family my luv and my empathy Graham


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