The Following Takes Place Between Implausability and Entertainment

That may be my longest post title yet.
My wife and I decided to 24 another chance this season.  We were huge fans the first season, less so the second, and just couldn’t put up with any other seasons, try as we might.  It’s the implausability of the thing that we just can’t get passed.  That and all the seemingly obvious better ways that things could/should be done in practically every tense situation.
“Why’s he do that?”
“How come she’s not…”
“Wouldn’t the whole thing be solved if just….”

But the show can be damn exciting if you can get passed all that.  So, my wife and I have taken a vow:  No questions are allowed to be asked; no observations of incongruous time-lines, etc. while we watch the show.  That means neither of us can say “How did the former president get shot in a room of only two men, and two minutes later, there are phone calls out to all kinds of people, telling them of the assasination?”  Not to mention “A former president gets assassinated, and within half an hour, the current President is holding a press conference on the assassination? I don’t think so!”

24 is chock full of things that, if you let them bother you, they will drive you away from the show.  Happened to us last season, we could only watch the first half of the first episode.  But we stuck it out for the full two-hour premiere tonight, and I’m gonna try to watch again tomorrow night.  It remains to be seen if my logical brain can be tricked into hibernating for the hour it’s on each week after that, though.

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  1. Les says:

    It’s so true – the first season rocked…and I haven’t watched it since. I tried to get through the second season and just struggled with it…don’t know how it changed because filming and timelines and all that other stuff seemed to be the same – but the show was just ‘different’. I’m trying to give it another go this season too.


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