Sketch22 Road Trip! Yee Haw!

The boys of Sketch22 (except Josh who winters in Toronto) are heading out for a road trip!  We’ve been asked to audition this coming weekend in Halifax for an upcoming CBC-TV comedy special.  We’re pretty excited to have been asked to participate, and we’re eager to see how our comedy compares to that of others in the region.
If we get selected (we’re not counting on it, by the way) by the CBC to be part of the comedy special, it’s on to Toronto to tape a handful of sketches to air on the special.
At the very least, it’ll be a fun weekend with the boys.
Yee Haw!

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  1. Halifax doesn’t harbour the same freedom as Summerside. Nowhere in the world shares the freedom of Summerside. ( The only ones who can’t see it are Summersidians ). But it will be fun.


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