Mythical Super Hero Anne – Chapter 4

Forgot to continue posting the final two chapters of the story.
Here’s Chapter 4 of Episode 21 of The Adventures of Mythical Super Hero Anne


is I who have found you, my immortal enemy!” screamed Gilzilla, the
monster from the sea. “The mind-thoughts of these three humans pondering your
reality led me right to your door.”

he had not been such a fright, Gilzilla’s voice would have made the people of Japan
laugh.  He had a high pitched, rather
effeminate voice that, when he spoke, sounded like gurgling water.  His appearance was no laughing matter,
however.  He was over six feet tall, with
bright yellow hair, and green skin.  In
his hand he held a sling shot, a weapon for flinging objects of
destruction.  It was rumored by the
people of Tokyo
that he had a mighty tail which helped him swim in the sea, but Mythical Super
Hero Anne knew from past meetings that there was nothing in his pants that
resembled a tail.  She also knew that
even without a tail, he was still the most fierce and feared villainous
creature in all the land and sea.

Super Hero Anne stepped in between Gilzilla and her loved ones to protect them
from anything dastardly Gilzilla might try. 
Diannakiro was screaming like the little girl she was. Matthewsan stood
totally still, shocked into submission by the gruesome horror that was
Gilzilla.  Malirra closed her eyes and
began to chant prayers in a tongue that predated ancient Japanese

you are evil and must be destroyed!” shouted Mythical Super Hero Anne.

Super Hero Anne,” said Gilzilla, in his high gurgling voice, “you are
a super hero that I once loved with all my soul, just as everyone does to this
day.  But you would not return my love,
so therefore, I swore that I would conquer the world!”  Gilzilla took two steps toward her and the
others.  “And you are in the way of
my obtaining that goal, so I must destroy you!”

Super Hero Anne took the famous pose that was captured perfectly in the
drawings of Avonli Comics series of Mythical Super Hero Anne comic books,
available at all newsstands.  “You
cannot destroy me,” she laughed.

yes, and maybe no,” said Gilzilla, “but I can hurt deeply you by
destroying all whom you love.”

a speed too quick for the human eye to see, and just barely within the range of
visual ability of Mythical Super Hero Anne, Gilzilla loaded his slingshot and
with perfect aim hit Diannakiro, Matthewsan, and Malirra in their bums with
poisonous rocks.  Before they could feel
the pain of the rocks, and before Mythical Super Hero Anne had a chance to stop
Gilzilla, all three of them fell to the floor, unconscious and quite likely
dead. Mythical Super Hero Anne was
stunned for a hyper-nano-second. She told herself to ignore the feelings of
grief that were sweeping throughout her body, and to return to the task before
her.  The time for grieving was
later.  The time for destroying Gilzilla
was at hand!

looked at Gilzilla, who was standing in the doorway with his slingshot reloaded
and poised to fire at her.  “You
have destroyed all whom I care about,” she said, as the red hair and
freckled rage that fueled her awesome powers began to grow in her belly and
disperse to all parts of her being. 
“Now I will destroy you for sure!”

that said, she dove across the living square, faster than the speed of sound,
towards her back pack.  Gilzilla fired
his slingshot as she dove, but missed her by centimetres.  As he was reloading another poisonous rock,
Mythical Super Hero Anne, grabbed three of the micro-slates from her backpack
and, while still in the midst of her dive, threw them all at once towards the
giant green beast.  They all hit him in the
head, one in the noggin, and two in the brainpan, just as he was firing his
slingshot.  The force of the micro-slates
knocked him backwards, causing his shot to miss its target.  He dropped his slingshot and staggered back
against the wall, breaking through the paper-mache, into the kitchen square.  He was dazed, and for all battle-purposes,
out of commission.         Mythical Super Hero Anne grabbed three
more micro-slates, and two braid-bombs and ran up to the fallen monster.   “With these braid-bombs I will destroy
you.  First, for my fallen adopted
relatives and friend, and second, for Mankind.”  She lifted a braid-bomb above her head, and
was about to throw it on Gilzilla.

Super Hero Anne,” wheezed and gurgled the monster in his high pitched
voice, though now it had none of the strength and confidence it had had just
two seconds earlier, before the battle began. 
Now it did not sound the least bit funny.  She thought she detected a glimmer of
humanity in him.  He sounded almost
sad.  But she knew that was impossible,
for Gilzilla had relinquished all the sensitive human emotions when he turned
to a life of evil and revenge.  “I
had hoped we could be good friends,” he said.

last remark caught Mythical Super Hero Anne off guard.  She knew she had heard him say this to her
before, but could not quite remember the circumstances.  All at once, she remembered.  She flashed back to their island home, before
she was adopted by Matthewsan and Malirra, when both she and Gilzilla were on
the Good side of super hero battles. Back then they fought well and bravely
together.  She knew, back then, that
Gilzilla had feelings of deep love for her, and she could not deny to herself
that she had similar feelings toward him. She remembered how hard it was to refuse
Gilzilla, back then, when he had asked her give up fighting Evil, so they could
live peacefully together forever. She almost did give into him, but in the end
knew that she couldn’t, that she must remain forever single.  An Evil-fighting super hero was what she
truly was, and must always remain even if it caused great hardship in her
personal life.  And, back then, ignoring
her feelings for Gilzilla, and knowing how much that hurt Gilzilla, refuse him
she did.  Saying no to him and seeing how
greatly it hurt him was the greatest hardship she had ever faced. 

decision destroyed Gilzilla, the Good. It was what turned Gilzilla into the
embittered, resentful, world-obsessed Evilness that she now saw, crumpled on
the kitchen floor before her.  Yes, the
hurt she felt back then was the greatest hardship she had faced. Until now. For
now, having yet to properly grieve the loss of Matthewsan, Malirra, and
Diannakiro; and, facing the horrible task of having to destroy Gilzilla, the
monster whom she once loved and shunned, was the most difficult moment of her
Once I drop this braid-bomb, I will have nothing
, thought Mythical
Super Hero Anne.  My adopted parents are gone, my kindred
spirit is gone, and now, my enemy will be gone. 
I’ll have nothing left.

looked at Gilzilla, and realized she still cared for him, despite his Evil
ways.  She smiled to herself at the
thought of what might have been, and prepared to release her grip on the braid
bomb.  We had been great friends, once.

if reading her mind, Gilzilla said, “But now, we’re great
enemies!”  He swung out his leg with
lightning quickness, and took the feet out from under Mythical Super Hero
Anne.  She fell to the floor, hitting her
head, rendering her dizzy.  His trick
worked!  Just as he had hoped, Gilzilla’s
remark about friendship had caused Mythical Super Hero Anne to reflect on her
past, just for a nanosecond, but long enough for him to restore some of his
powers and make his move.  He jumped to
his feet, and ran for the door, still shaken from the micro-slates, but still
able to move faster than sound.  He
paused at the door, turned and looked at Mythical Super Hero Anne.  “I cannot destroy you in this lessened
state of power.  I must return to the sea
to heal my wounds,” said the monster named Gilzilla, “but I will be
back to see you destroyed, Mythical Super Hero Anne.”  And before she had a chance to go after him,
he disappeared down the hallway, out into the city, and down to the sea.

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