Perry O’Grady All Over Again

One of the more popular posts I’ve made is called “Why I Hate That Canadian Tire Guy“.  The post isn’t really about the Canadian Tire Guy.  It’s about when I was in grade five and a drawing I made was mistakenly credited to another person in my class, Perry O’Grady.  So it could be used as the cover of our school’s newsletter, he had traced the drawing I made, and attached his name to it.
I was a little bit heartbroken when I heard some of the parents comment positively on the lovely drawing that Perry O’Grady made.

Now, it may be happening again.  A video (Driving Lights) that I wrote and directed for this past summer’s Sketch22 show is being presented at next week’s Reel Island Film Festival.  I was looking at their website and see on the Screening page that they have Driving Lights as being directed by Jason Rogerson.  Thing is, he submitted it on Sketch22’s behalf, as a Sketch22 video.  I assume since he submitted it, the assumption was made that he directed it.  I don’t know.
Trouble is, I directed it.  Meticulously.
I wouldn’t mind so much if it was some other video.  But I am really proud of the video, and it’d be nice to have it properly credited.



  1. Jay says:

    Ain’t that the way, ain’t it the truth? Well, that does bite man. I didn’t credit it as being directed by anyone, but they must have assumed it was me since I submitted it. I make it my mission to correct this blunder! Stay tuned for updates on my quest.


  2. Rob says:

    No worries, Jay. The error is well on its way to being corrected.
    The RIFF boys are on the job.


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