Mythical Super Hero Anne – Chapter 5 (of 5)

And now the conclusion of Episode 21 of The Adventures of Mythical Super Hero Anne:


Super Hero Anne, now back in her Toshomiko costume, kneeled beside her fallen
adopted parents, and best friend. 
“Oh, my friend, Diannakiro,” she said, with tears in her
eyes.  “My adopted father,
Matthewsan.  And my adopted
father-sister, Malirra.  How I grieve for
the loss of you all!”  But what was
this?  Miracle of miracles!  They were reviving!  All of them, alive!  “Oh, thank heavens!  You’re all safe.”

rose to his feet, and helped Malirra up as Toshomiko helped Diannakiro
rise.  “What happened to us?”
asked Matthewsan.

mind is all out of shape,” said Diannakiro, rubbing her bum where
Gilzilla’s rock had hit her.

friends,” said Toshomiko, “Gilzilla knocked you unconscious.”

gasped.  “Gilzilla was here?!  Are you okay, Toshomiko?”

I am fine, thank you to you.”

looked about the apartment, surveying all the damage the great battle had
caused. “Mythical Super Hero Anne, the mythical super hero girl, must have
come and destroyed Gilzilla before he had the chance to finish us off

rubbed her head and said, “Malirra say, ‘Now we suffer from amnesia, and
cannot remember a thing about the ordeal.”

is wise and correct,” said Toshomiko, going to her to comfort the wise old
woman.  “The three of you do have
amnesia.  Yes, Mythical Super Hero Anne
was here, and she did ward off Gilzilla in a great fight.”  All three of Mythical Super Hero Anne’s human
friends gasped as they tried to imagine what surely was the immensity of the
battle.  “But he is not dead,”
continued Toshomiko.  Further gasps, this
time of fear and dismay.  “While you
were unconscious, Mythical Super Hero Anne searched for him, but I fear she did
not catch him, as he went back to the sea. 
She hopes to catch him soon.”

said Matthewsan, nodding his head, “that is why she did not stick around
to check on our injuries.”  He
picked up some paper mache that used to be part of the wall between the living
square and kitchen square, and studied it, trying to figure out the role it
played in the fight.  “I only wish
that I could have seen the battle, or at least could have met Mythical Super
Hero Anne.”

is true,” said Diannakiro.  “I,
too, wish that I could one day meet the mythical super hero, known as Mythical
Super Hero Anne.” 
Toshomiko/Mythical Super Hero Anne looked at Diannakiro, waiting for the
knowing wink that, before the battle, would have accompanied such a
remark.  But none came.  It
seems they all really do have amnesia.

said Toshomiko.  “I hope I can see
her one day, myself.  But I as well, was
knocked into a state of dizziness, and so her identity must remain a
mystery.”  Toshomiko looked around
the room at her injured loved ones. 
“But now we are all tired and injured and we must rest.  Come, Malirra, we must go to bed.”

say, ‘Bed is the place for sleep and fun. 
Fun for two, and sleep for one.”

laughed at Malirra’s joke. 
Toshomiko/Mythical Super Hero Anne breathed a sigh of relief that
everyone seemed to be in good spirits after their ordeal.  She breathed another sigh of relief that now
no one knew her true identity, which would help her protect them in the
inevitable future battles she would have with Gilzilla.  And this time she would try extra hard to
keep her secret.

may be injured and have amnesia, Toshomiko,” said Diannakiro, still giggling.  “But at least your adopted father-sister
is still wise and witty.”

is wise and witty,” agreed Toshomiko, “but we are all more

say, ‘We are all tired and injured, but not so tired and injured that we will
not work tomorrow.”


looked at everybody, happy that they were all safe.  “And Mythical Super Hero Anne will work

had another laugh and then went to bed, Matthewsan, Malirra and Diannakiro
resting themselves for tomorrow’s workday, Toshomiko/Mythical Super Hero Anne
resting herself for tomorrow’s workday, and for future adventures.


The End


[Join Mythical Super Hero Anne and all
the gang next month for another exciting chapter, Part 22,  “Gee, I’m Glad I’m No One Else But
Mythical Super Hero Anne”.  ed.


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