T-Dot Doesn’t Want Us

We just got word that we won’t be attending that CBC sketch comedy special in Toronto.  The producers picked another group from the Atlantic Provinces.  That’s the bad news.
The good news is that they didn’t pick any of the other groups that performed that night in Halifax.  That would have been hard to take, since I thought we were the best of the bunch.  They picked a group from Newfoundland, a group that sent in a demo tape since they couldn’t make the voyage to Halifax to perform.  That’s too bad, that they got to submit what I assume to be their best material, while the rest of us were judged on what we did on that night.  I wonder if we would have had a better shot if we had just sent them a DVD of our material?  Probably not.
Anyway, ahead we go, writing sketches for another summer show here in PEI.

At least Charlottetown audiences love and or hate us.


  1. Steverino says:

    It’s all about the love, Rob. All about the love. This way, PEI gets to keep you guys to our greedy little selves still. That’s a good thing for us, anyway.
    Keep on writin’ in the free world.
    (well, free as long as you’re not The Cadre)


  2. dave s says:

    that’s too bad. it would’ve been interesting to see what sketch-22 would do on tv and how you guys would come across in that medium. i’m sure there will be more opportunities for that. it also would’ve been great for this region to be represented nationally from somewhere other than the admittedly very funny comedy-breading ground of newfoundland, just for variety.


  3. dave s says:

    um… that should read BREEDING ground, not breading ground. although i’m sure there is some fan-freakin-tastic bread in newfoundland…


  4. ghislaine says:

    boo hoo. i was looking forward to the international waters of Toronto.


  5. Yanik says:

    Do you really think T• is ready for “GINE!”, Ghislaine?


  6. ghislaine says:

    no one is ever ready for the heady effects of that potion, especially not the pussies in T.


  7. graham says:

    Thats why we’d rule!! That magic elixer would grant us luck and courage.


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