I Want My SUV

Okay, I’ve been away for a few days, but I just got back from wherever I was, and I read all this kerfuffle about a kid who found a Tim Horton’s cup in the garbage and asked another kid to help roll up the rim, as the contest is wont to have you do.  Turns out the kid wins the top prize, an SUV.  Okay, great, but the another kid who helped roll up the rim claimed entitlement to share in the prize, for helping to roll up the rim.  Okay, personally, I think that’s bollocks and it should all be awarded to the kid who found the cup.
Now I hear that the the person who threw out the cup in the first place is demanding a part of the action.  Again, that’s bullshit.  But, it got me thinking.

If these people are able to make their claims based on baloney, then I should make my claim too.  And here it is:  I demand a portion of the prize, because, you see, I was in line just in front of the person who bought the “winning” cup.  Amazing, I know, but as true as true can be.  Now, normally when I’m at Tims, I buy two coffees (one for right away and the other to nuke later at work), and that day, for some strange reason, I only bought the one.  So, by rights, since I usually buy two cups, the cup that the guy bought should really have been mine.

No?  Okay then.


  1. Jay says:

    How about this? Roll up the Family. The guy who says he threw away the cup is forced to adopt the two kids, who are no longer friends, and they all have to live in the SUV. Twist – Rob shows up and moves in, after hypnosis proves he was indeed going to buy two coffees that day.


  2. Rob says:

    Jay, that is, honestly, the best idea for a tv sitcom that I ever read.
    I think the two kids need to be male and female, so that in later episodes, their puppy hate can turn to puppy love. Also, I think the guy who threw the cup away needs to be a woman, so that Rob can have all kinds of wacky scenes where he fails to attract her.


  3. Paul H says:

    Who actually has the cup in their possession? According to Timmie’s rules, whoever turns it in, is the winner of the RAV4. Perhaps they will all engage lawyers and incur huge bills that surpass the value of the stupid truck in the first place? Motto: if you can’t role up your own rim, then don’t seek outside assistance. hmmm…that come out sounding sexual….


  4. Rob says:

    If I could roll up my own rim, I’d never leave the house! Ba dum dumm!


  5. Jay says:

    Roll Up the Family. Now casting.


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