Three Sports Updates

1.  The NCAA Championship in men’s basketball, otherwise known as March Madness, gets underway tomorrow.  In past years, my interest in the tournament has ranged from Total Disinterest to Mild Interest to Casual Watcher.  This year, though, I sense that my interest will be way up.  I plan on watching a lot of it.

2.  The Miami Dolphins traded a second round draft pick for Duante Culpepper.  Culpepper has been in the upper echelon of quality quarterbacks for most of his career.  Last year was less than a stellar one for him, but I’m hoping that was an anomaly.  Also, he injured his knee last October, so I’m hoping that won’t mean a significant decline in ability.  I am cautiously optimistic about his addition to the team.  I’m about 20% on the “Another Busted Acquisition” side, and 80% fervently hoping that he regains his 2004 outstanding qualities.  Okay, so maybe I’m not so cautious in my optimism.

3.  Formula One is back in action for another year.  I think I’ll like the new qualifying setup they implemented this year.  I don’t have much hope for Villeneuve, and expect this to be his last year.  Guess I’ll just try to enjoy any TV name-time he gets this season.  Hoping him to finish in the points in more than a few races, but nothing much more than that.  Looks like it could be a 3-way race for the driver’s title, between Alonso, Raikkonnen and Schumacher.  I don’t believe Button has what it takes to be considered a contender.  Montoya is done, I’m afraid.

Bonus:  I like the goaltending move the Canadiens did at the trade deadline.  Cristobal Huet is standing on his head for them now, but he needs rest and a solid backup is required.  Getting David Abeischer (sp?) from Colorado, a streaky starting goalie is a great move when all you need is a competent backup.  Now, if the Habs could only find a way to score a few more goals, they’d have a legitimate shot at going a few rounds into the playoffs.

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