Paula Abdul Tells Police She Was Assaulted

Yeah, I thought AI’s “Country Week” was pretty horrible, but not to the point where a judge would want to press charges.

Okay, here’s the real story.  Argued with a guy at a private party, grabbed her arm, threw her against a wall, she claims she sustained a concussion and spinal injuries.
I think it was her dealer.  She was a couple of weeks late in paying for her supply of pills.  You know, the ones that make her all “you are a wondrous waterfall of butterflies when you sing” and causes her to hear badly sung notes as if they are on pitch.  So, Dealer gets a little rough with her, doesn’t give her this week’s supply.  That’s why she was so much more willing, this week, to actually criticize the contestants.  Did anyone else notice that?  She seemed much more cognizant and more willing to be honestly critical.
There, that’s my theory.

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