Darth Vader (nee) Skywalker

Here’s a question that I have had for awhile, and don’t have the desire to go to the source and find an answer for.  Maybe someone who reads this will know the answer.

In Star Wars, Episode 4 (you know, the first Star Wars), is there an on-screen moment when Darth Vader learns that the kid (in which the Force is strong) is named “Skywalker”?   And, if so, does Vader react in any way that would indicate that the name Skywalker has special meaning for him?
Anyone know?  Or speculate?

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  1. Jason White says:

    I dont recall him having any notion of skywalker in “Episode 4”

    He only felt a presence and it was obi-wan, he didnt even feel the presence of Luke in the x-wing raid on the death star. I would think someone who is as strong in the force as luke would show up on some “Force Radar”

    Even though lucas says he planned these “Episodes” I always thought it was a crock. Empire and Jedi felt and were written differently, Leia even seems to have lost her fake brittish like accent too.


  2. Rob says:

    You may be right, Jason. I also expect that the other episodes were really planned only after the first movie was so successful.
    I guess my question, then, moves to the moment where Darth Vader does first learn that his new nemesis is named Skywalker. Where does that happen in the time-line of the movies, and does it happen on screen? If so, is there anything to indicate that Vader reacts in any way to the name?


  3. davem says:

    he, darth, notes in episode four that “the force is strong in this one” when referring to luke but there’s another more interesting, and more ambigious moment when darth’s in the death star and he says “I haven’t felt this since…” and we’re all thinking that it’s obi wan… but it might have been, looking back, luke to whom he was referring. luke isn’t revealed to darth as a skywalker in name until Chapter 5, i believe.


  4. Jason White says:

    The first movie was really a fluke, force references were made by everyone as if it was a hand shake or hello, common as water my boy. It was really funny to see people at the first f the movie “The force, what the fuck is that, is that something that you push stuff with kid, I dont believe in that hocus pocus” (that was a made up quote and not real for those who arent into the Warz) and then by the end of the movie, everyone is, may the force look after your dog, may the force help your bantha, may the force be with your athletes foot etc.

    There were real no references in the first movie, cohearent ones anyway. Only in the second movie (and I say second movie becuase that is what is was and always will be, die Jar Jar, DIE!) was in Empire when Luke saw himself in Vader.


  5. Rob says:

    Good observation, Dave. But I don’t think Darth would say “I haven’t felt this since…” in reference to Luke because he would have no referential feelings about Luke. Right?
    I don’t think there is any moment where, even watching it in hindsight, one could watch and say “He realises his son is alive”. And I think that’s a shame. It would have been really great if we had been privy to that moment, even if we didn’t quite understand it until Episode Six when the “I am your father” truth is revealed.
    And Jason, you are, of course, absolutely right about the Jar Jar silliness. Although, that propensity at the ruination of a franchise was very much hinted at by all the muppets in the first 3 movies. I never took Yoda seriously, only saw him as a puppet.
    And that, my friends, is quite enough Star Wars talk for one week.


  6. Jason says:

    Hey Rob. Just another point. If you notice the time between episodes don’t actually run by yesterday, today, next week sorta thing. Years go by. Supposedly there’s a story in between Episode 4 and 5 in which Darth Vader confronts the rebels. I haven’t read it myself, but I think this is where Vader learns about Luke


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