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We are four weeks (and two days – and those who do this know that every day, every moment begins to count) away from the opening of Sketch22’s Summer 2006 show.  All the material is brand spanking new.  Except for one sketch that I resurrected from the annals of my sketch comedy past.  Those who remember the OffStage Theatre production “Fun While It Lasted” (what was it, 1993?… it was our Going Away celebration of all the great and near great and not so great things we did in the two years we had an actual theatre closet space of our own. Now it’s City Cinema) may well recongnise one of the sketches we present this summer.  As I say, all the other sketches and videos this summer are all-new. 
For those of you who go to see the show, I am really looking forward to you being introducing to some wonderful characters. I don’t want to give too much away, but there are some pretty great things being prepared.
Right now, we’re in the early stages of rehearsals.  All the scripts are written now, and we’ve just begun to block the sketches.  A lot of the videos have been shot, but we still have a couple of bigger-scale shoots to go, and everything still needs to be edited.

Actually, we have a video shoot coming up in which we hope to have a whole bunch of extras involved.  It’s tentatively scheduled to take place in about 10 days, on a weekend day.  If you are interested in being part of it, just let us know by replying to this post, or drop a line to our excellent producer, Jason… email   Nothing special is required of you, except for you to show up in your everyday clothes (or if you want to dress up in something outlandish or funny or whatever, we won’t stop you) and be part of what could be the coolest group of people ever assembled and videographed on PEI.  (remember, if *you* don’t show up, then it won’t be the coolest assemblage ever.  How could it?) All you have to be able to do is be mobile.  And by that I mean able to move around.  Either by walking or wheelchair or segway or however you amble.
I’ll post more details about it as the details get finalized.
In the meantime, things are pretty busy and exciting and scary in Sketch22Land.


  1. graham says:

    yer in


  2. Rod says:

    oreo cookie
    drippin down my waffle cone gettin all ookie
    I eat my ice cream like I’m on the A-Team

    That’s all I remember from Fun While it Lasted. I actually still have posters from the show.

    Anyway, would love to be an extra, Rob. I’m gonna be in town on Sunday and staying for three weeks. Let me know where and when.


  3. Rob says:

    Rum and raisin, pecans and toffee
    Strawberry, caramel, grapenut…
    Chocolate almond mocha mint meltin’ all ookie
    Maple walnut butter brickle oreo cookie
    Ameretto ameretto got a lotta marshmallow
    Havin’ a picnic. Takin’ it, lickin’ it Chocolate chip, peppermint stick drip drip drippin’ on a basket
    Are you’re gonna want some?
    You know I gotta taste it, drippin’ down a waffle cone, Yo, don’t waste it!
    Ooh I gotta problem, I’m stickin’ to my napkin
    Get down to the water hole and get some water happenin’
    I wanna be respectable but I can’t neglect it. Mocha is delectable. Delicious perfection.
    The taste perfectable. I am susceptible.
    A human receptacle.
    I gotta taste it, the smallest trace detectable.
    I don’t expect that you respect it, but I can’t neglect it, the taste is too delectable
    Ice cream!

    Hey I’m not a rookie – maple walnut butter brickle oreo cookie Ameretto ameretto got a lot a marshmallow Rum and raisin bubble gum grape-nut. Get me some!
    You gotta scream for the pralines in the cream – makes the team.
    Wanna double scoop? Triple scoop.
    Meltin’ in the sunbeam.
    I’m eatin’ my ice cream like I’m on the A-Team.
    There oughta be a magazine. A movie on the big screen, dealin’ with my tongue, lickin’ chocolate ice cream.
    Tiger tiger tin roof. English toffee.
    Chunky chocolate chip mint, mocha fudge coffee.
    You can’t beat it.
    I gotta eat it. Get sick if I don’t pick it up.
    Stick to it, like glue.
    Keep it drippin’ in my mouth. Get a grip.
    Keep it drippin’ in my mouth. Get a grip.

    Right on Rod. If you have internet access while you’re here, check this site for an update on where/when later next week. Right now, we’re aiming for sometime on the weekend of June 17-18


  4. davem says:

    Rob, I see you’re citing the later Ed Rashed/Matt Rainnie performance as opposed to the original Rick Roberts one. Interesting.


  5. Rob says:

    I wasn’t aware there was that much of a difference between the two versions.


  6. Rod says:

    I will keep my eye out when we’re down, Rob.

    I wasn’t aware there was an apocraphal version of the Ice Cream Rap. Hmmp, show ya what I knows . . .


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