To When In What Movie Would You Go?

Okay, bear with me as I attempt to explain this question:

I have the ability to transport you to any place and time, real or fictional.  The only stipulation is that you must choose a place and time in which a movie, any movie, takes place. 
For instance, Forrest Gump takes place over several years and involves many locations.  So, if you choose Forrest Gump, please tell me the specific location and time within that movie.  Also, when you get transported to this place and time, you will not necessarily be involved in the action of the movie, unless your very being there demands that you take part in it.  For instance, you could choose A Room With A View and select the first time they go to Florence.  You wouldn’t necessarily have to meet and or interact with the characters in the movie, but you could spend your time exploring the city on your own.  If, however, you choose the D-Day scene from Saving Private Ryan, you would, necessarily, be involved in that action.  So, in that way, your safety is not necessarily guaranteed.
You will only be in the time and location of your choosing for an amount of time equal to the length of the movie you choose.  Note:  not the length of the scene which you choose, but the length of the entire movie.  Once the time is up, you get transported back to present day.

So, what movie do you choose?  And, specifically, what part of that movie do you choose?


  1. Jason White says:

    The Goonies:

    We are in the Fertelis place in the basement, chunk knocks over the glass water dispenser and the water drips down the floor, and then we discover it, the secret passage underground.

    One eyed Willy here we come!


  2. Frankie says:

    Why do I feel like I’m in one of your Cutthroat Island challenges where I must come up with some very clever answer or face the throat-cutting?

    I have to think about this one. Is there a deadline?


  3. Jay says:

    Well, it’s gotta be Back to the Future. I think I’d pick the Twin Pines Mall parking lot at the end when Marty goes back to see himself escape in the Delorian and the Doc get shot. I’d hide in a safe spot to watch all the action. After seeing the flick so many times, I think I could avoid the Libyans stray bullets. Besides getting to see the time machine go back in time first-hand, I would get to see Marty’s reaction when he realises the Doc is alive and has on a bullet-proof vest. And while they were doing that, I’d take the time machine back in time to learn the winning numbers for an upcoming lottery so I could pick them and win millions.

    Yeah. That or having Mr. T cereal with Pee Wee.


  4. graham says:

    I’d go to the cheap hotel room in the first hustler porn I watched at 13 ( They don’t make em like they used to). I would watch until it would dawn on me that I could actually be fucking that lady that “liberated” my imagination for a couple years (In the same way that America “liberated” Iraq).
    Is this a fantasy or a hypothetical situation? Would she actually do me?
    Or would I be at the whim of her desires, like reality?


  5. Tracy says:

    When We Were Kings.

    1974, Zaire. I’d put myself ringside at the very start of the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’.


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