Pay Me My Money Down

Every time he plays, it’s like his first time, what with the enthusiasm and enjoyment.
Here’s The Boss on a recent Conan O’Brien show, singing a Pete Seeger tune (from Bruce’s latest album, covers of Seeger tunes):


  1. wordgirl says:

    Awesome. Simply Awesome. I’ve seen him in Houston and in Dallas. There’s no one like The Boss.


  2. Hans says:

    The Boss rocks! I love the way he demands total engagement from everyone on stage and in the audience. He can demand it because he is giving it himself. A true inspirational leader. He even cut through that ivy leaguer O’Brien’s sardonic facade and had him singing joyfully through the whole piece which actually seemed longer than 8 minutes. 8 minutes of pure fun, check your sarcasm at the door.


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