Boo! To The Guardian

The provincial newspaper, The Guardian, had a Sally Cole penned write-up on the theatrical year in review.  Not one word was given to The Guild, which had a pretty busy year, theatrically speaking.
We all know that any article that even mentions theatre is a rarity for The Guardian (especially since Laurie Murphy has moved away), so perhaps I shouldn’t complain. ( I can only assume that the fax that had some bantam-A Souris hockey scores didn’t get received, so they had some extra room).  But to have an article allege itself to be a year-end wrap-up of the theatrical year, and then to not even mention the Guild, well, that’s pretty shoddy.

Either that, or the piece was only supposed to honour those who advertise more in The Guardian than those who do not.  Honestly, I don’t know if Anne & Gilbert or Victoria Playhouse did much Guardian advertising, or even if the Guild did, so that may be a totally unjustified assertion on my part.

Anyway, for next summer’s Sketch22 show, I’m going to write a sketch that contains a hockey game, played on stage.  Maybe that way, the Guardian will pay attention to the fact that actual theatre actually happens at the Guild.

And Jack McAndrew, don’t even think about stealing this little blog piece and passing it off as your own.


  1. graham says:

    I’d even say that sketch 22 could warrent a mention in an article that supposedly encompasses the theatre scene here. Even if they just wanted to mention Marion Bridge, I’d be… no I’d be pissed if they got a mention and we didn’t. Ah well. The Guardian is a glorified university paper anyway. And even though I have a nice soft spot for Sally cole, I’d say the papers journalistic standard is somewhere between “The Sun” and my ass.


  2. Ken says:

    For the record, the Tyne Valley Player’s and Britannia Hall got no mention either. Also, I did a rollicking good puppet show for the kids last year, and even though they were just finger puppets in my own living room and not really theatre it was quite a performance.
    I guess The Guild is underground theatre, or like ‘off broadway’; Even though technically the Confed Centre is actually in the basement, literally underground and The Guild is upstairs above ground.
    Did Victoria’s Theatre make the cut?


  3. Rob MacD says:

    Yes, Ken, obviously I wouldn’t expect every Island theatrical endeavour, or place of performance to get a mention, but I do think the Guild should merit at least a reference in a piece calling itself a look back at the year in theatre.
    Perhaps if you’d done some substantial advertising in the Guardian for your finger puppet performance, it too would have been included.
    Yes, Victoria Playhouse made the cut.


  4. señior psychosis says:

    I suggest that they use a softer paper to print the Guardian so it doesn’t hurt so much to wipe my ass.


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