Rob’s Top Five Goals To Strive For…

5. I will strive to not view the Saddam Hussein Gets Hanged (or Hung) video(s).  I’ve never seen E.T., and I’ll be damned if I watch this.  Further to this, I will also strive to continue my life-long goal of actively eradicating most celebrity gossip and “news” from my life.  (My friend, DaveS, vows to force me to watch E.T. when I’m old and infirm.  I swear to god, I’ll fight it.)

4. I will strive to contribute at least one post a day to this blog.  I’ve gone blog-soft in the past couple of months.  it’s not that I no longer have anything to say (not that I ever did), it’s just that lately, any time I think about posting, it’s followed by an “ah, why bother?”.  It’s time to either bother again, or never bother.  Before I never bother, I think I should try to bother.  One post a day.  At least.  How hard can that be?

3. I will strive to become more fit.  I know I’m not a “go to the gym” guy (but I’m not ruling out that I may, someday, be that kind of guy), but I can sure do more than I’m doing now, which is nothing.  I will try to develop and maintain a regimen of daily activity, even if the activity amounts to nothing more than a half-hour walk.  From fat acorns mighty oaks lose weight.  (I’ve been contemplating making a wild resolution where I vow to not eat KFC for a whole year.  But I’m smart enough to know that there’s no hope of me keeping that one)

2.  I will strive to spend less time on the computer.  This may be counter-productive to goal number 4, but would most likely be of benefit to goal number 3.  Too much of too many days is spent idly surfing through the internets.  I realize that less time on the computer may result in more time watching TV (and may increase the difficulty of achieving goal number 5), so, as a sub-strive I vow to keep my television viewing habits in reign.

1. I will strive to engage more people in conversation this year.  I will also strive to be more engaging when people try to begin conversations with me.  Over the past couple of years, I’ve succumbed to a social-anxiety disorder, mired in an ever-empowered dread of social situations.  I have been letting my ultra-shyness beat me into a corner.  I need to begin to engage the world more (this one, by the way, will be even more difficult than not eating KFC for a whole year).


  1. Leslie says:

    What is this aversion to ET? Good lord Rob – watch it already! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry – it’s a great time. Just don’t get the ET doll – damn thing gave me nightmares when I was a kid…stupid beady eyes always staring at me…eep.


  2. Rob says:

    I have nothing against the movie, whatsoever. It’s just an iconic movie that I’ve never seen and as such, have made it my life-work to never see it.


  3. Ann says:

    I thought you were talking aout Entertainment Tonight. I couldn’t imagine what an Entertainment Tonight doll would be.


  4. Leslie says:

    Oh…didn’t you know the Entertainment Tonight dolls closely resemble Mary Hart – and yes, they’re equally terrifying.


  5. Yanik says:

    I’ve never seen Anne Of Green Gables—The Musical™ or read the book or watched the movie.


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