My Peter Pan Complex

Apparently, last night the Smoker’s Helpline television campaign started to air on the local CBC.  It’s the campaign where I portray a 7 foot tall cigarette.
I know it started yesterday because today I received (so far) 4 separate comments from people (3 of them relative strangers) saying they saw it last night.  That’s the power of advertising, right there.

While I do like the ads, like what I do in them, and enjoy the comments, I do have an apprehension about them due to my experiences after a certain series of Peter Pan ads aired almost 2 decades ago.  Even now, I still get the occasional comment from people reminding me that I was in fact the guy in those Peter Pan ads.


  1. graham says:

    Smokes are way cooler then Peter Pan. I think ths can get you back on the horse of commercial success.


  2. RFTT1985 says:

    That was you???


  3. Paul H says:

    Since we moved away in 83, I’ve never seen the infamous Peter Pan commercials. I’ll just have to use my imagination….which may be worse for you I think….


  4. Cool Girl says:

    I must confess I was one of those people who once said something snarky regarding those Peter Pan commercials. And I have regretted it ever since. I mean – it was the Peter Pan Restaurant!
    I am serious when I say that I have long felt horrible about being mean about those commercials. Good lord – we’ve all done things , presumably for money, which were not up to our own artistic standards. And it was only a commercial. There are far far worse commercials out there, dude.
    I am hoping that apology does make sense. Because it is sincere.


  5. Cool Girl says:

    I would also add that as a talent, you are awesome.
    That is all.


  6. Rod says:

    I honestly loved those ads. I am not kidding, nor am I being ironic.
    I loved ’em


  7. Cool Girl says:

    I saw the new cigarette ones for the first time yesterday. Very funny. Way better than those horrible green devil ones. I say this as a smoker.


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