Yesterday, I managed to procure a Nintendo Wii for our home.  My son was wanting one for Christmas, but because of lack of availability we made arrangements to put that off until they were a bit easier to come by.  Even though they’re still rather hard to get, I was fortunate to have Albert at Microplay put one away for me when the next shipment came in.  That was yesterday.

Set it up last night.  Set up is ridiculously easy.  I had been anticipating that first moment when the Wiimote would become active, and had prepared myself to be impressed with the feel of the wireless point and click device.  Well, when I tried it, it was so impressive!  I was like a little fan-boy.  Very cool.
We only have the bundled Wii-Sports game, but played that for about 4 hours last night.  While the game-play is somewhat limited, it easily contains enough fun and skill-requirement to be a blast.  Through the Sports game, you get a really good idea of the vast potential for this new way to play video games.
I’m looking forward to getting the Madden for Wii game (I hear it’s pretty good), and, if the rather simple (but fun) golf game on Wii-Sports is any indication, the Tiger Woods game for Wii should be rock on solid.

Can’t wait to get home from work and play some more.  Also looking forward to the day when we get a wireless router for our internet connection and get to sample the online component of the Wii too.


  1. graham says:

    Wii’s are great. Sports are fun but You’re gonna love the other games. Driving is a blast.


  2. Steverino says:

    Hmm… me want one. Sounds like wicked fun, even if their graphics aren’t the best. My uber-Xbox will live on forever, though. Bigger HD, rip games, plus all Nintendos & games, Sega, Atari, Apple, Turbo Grafix 16, Playstation, etc… it’s the classic stuff that makes it priceless. But still… the Wii sounds so different & fun.


  3. eloo says:

    uu luk lyk a man


  4. Rob says:

    thts bcuz ii m


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