The Cup Three-Quarters Full

I pretty much drink one coffee a day. An extra-large-double-double.  Sometimes I’ll go for a second one.  I buy my coffee at Robin’s Donuts, mostly.  Sometimes at Timothy’s.
The following has happened to me four times so far:  Robins Girl, when filling my cup, empties a pot of coffee. My cup will be, roughly, 3/4 or 4/5 full.  Rather than getting a new pot, she asks me if i want it topped up, or if that’s enough.
I honestly don’t understand the question.  It’s not the extra-large cup that I’m interested in purchasing.  It’s the coffee that goes into it.  I don’t want a “large” amount of coffee in an extra-large cup.  I want an extra-large amount of coffee.

So, yes, I want it topped up.


  1. Not the swiftest service at that Robin’s on the Ave. Also, I have to repeat my order at least twice on a regular basis. Does anyone else have this problem. I think the next time I go in I’m going to give my order perfectly enuciated, twice, before they can ask me to repeat it.


  2. I don’t have that problem, but the Three-Quarters Full Girl always takes a stab at guessing my order before I give it. She always gets it wrong.
    “What are you? Large?” she’ll ask.
    “No. Extra-large. Double double,” I’ll say.
    Pretty much every day.


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