Anuzzer Band Reunion

There was a time when I, along with many others, was a big fan of The Police.  My wife (then fiance) was an even bigger fan.  Then, years after they broke up, I found I couldn’t stand listening to Police songs.  Couldn’t get through them. (I’m finding the same situation now with many REM songs, another band that I was once big in to)
Maybe a year or two ago, I reconnected with The Police songs and can happily and enthusiastically enjoy them again (you can all release your breath now, as I’m sure you were holding it awaiting the outcome of my Police affections)

So, the rumours news that The Police were going to reform and tour this summer piqued my interest.  And now the news that they’ll be playing at the Grammys this month (as of tomorrow), I gotta admit I’m kind of excited, kinda like a schoolgirl.  I’d never seen them play live, but have seen numerous clips of them on stage.  With my excitement, though, comes the natural trepidation too.  How will they sound?  Will they be old and safe and pedestrian, or will they try to rock the house?  If they do try to rock the house, will they fail miserably?  I’m hoping they blow the roof off the joint.  Failing that, I hope we at least catch glimpses of the synchronicity (clever, no?) they obviously shared when they performed.  It would be really sad (yet acceptable) to see three egos failing to connect with each other, fakely bopping their way through a medley of hits.  I’m ready for that scenario too.

So, if you were The Police, and you were reuniting, what songs would you play in your, say, six minutes allotted time?  Me, I’d have to go with Every Breath You Take (only because it was so huge).  I’d love to hear Canary In A Coalmine and Walking On The Moon.  I want to hear them as the pop songs they were (and still are) and not slowed-down jazzy interpretations (you hear me, Sting?).  I am ready to hear the lame-ish medley of hits.

Whatever happens, I’m looking forward to watching it all unfold.

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  1. dave s says:

    i was a huge police fan when i was a teen-ager. they were my favourite band and i even saw them in concert twice — zenyatta mondatta and synchronicity tours. i thought their music was fantastic and i loved the way they helped to promote other bands. at the concerts i saw there were always at least 3 other acts, performers like the specials, the go-go’s, iggy pop, talking heads, etc. but then i got a little older and started to feel stupid for liking their mussic so much. i began to feel that sting’s lyrics were pretentious and rediculous, and in fact many of then are. now though i can look back at the career of the police and say that they created some great music — roxanne, walking on the moon, message in a bottle, etc. i have no desire to go to one of thier reunion concerts, but i can’t wait to see them on the grammys. i’m betting that we’ll see the rock-out-with-their-cocks-out police and not the dull jazzbo version.


  2. RFTT1985 says:

    Synchronicity I would be a good song to “rock” the joint.


  3. Rod says:

    Bring on the Night
    My all time favourite Police song. They need to play it if they don’t start fighting two minutes into their set.


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