My Ordinary Lunch

Before I went to lunch today, I decided I would write here about what transpired.

Leaving the ATC, I wasn’t sure where I’d eat today.  I chose Captain Subs because I dig their 5 dollar lunch:  A half sub (I got the pizza sub on parmesan), fountain pop and bag of chips for 5 bucks tax included.  Crossing University Avenue, I noticed a guy with a kind of feathered-hair hairstyle, and an arrogance about him.  Very early 1980s New York business guy.  I only mention him because he ended up being in front of me in the Captain Subs lineup.
The guy behind me turned out someone who was planning on contacting me in a couple of weeks about a project that he says is almost ready to roll, and for which he wants my involvement.  It would take quite a commitment from me, in terms of time, so I don’t know yet how I’d manage that, plus my full-time work, plus my Sketch22 preparations and performances, plus my family.  He’s gonna contact me in a couple of weeks to talk about it further.
There were no tomatoes for my sub.  I was a little disappointed, but I’ll manage to get over it.  The sub, despite the lack of tomato, was pretty good.  It had a real nice toasted flavour which I really dug.
Some thoughts I had while eating:
– I realized that I was (not sure if I still am) having an “I am thinner than I am” day.  That is, I was feeling thinner than I actually am.  Somedays I feel like a bloat, and some days I feel better about how I feel, girth-wise.
-I noticed another guy who looked like someone I may have known during my first two years of university.  He looks how imagine that guy would’ve aged.  I highly doubt it was him.  The guy struck me as a guy who would have been an arrogant Hamilton business guy in the 80s and/or an aging dumb hockey player.  He looked very middle-class Canadian, either way.
– I accept the way I look, and understand that I’m not heart-throb material.  Still, sometimes I wish that a woman I think is attractive would give me a second glance.  Even if it was a “hey look, a freak! (or whatever)” second glance, I could interpret it wrongly.  But I’m like boring wallpaper.  Something to look beyond.  I accept that.  Anyway, I was thinking that after I saw, as I was eating my sub, an attractive woman in the lineup to order.  She scanned the room and I could tell I didn’t even cause a blip on her “interest” radar.
-After my sub, and a walk around the Confederation Court Mall (listening all the while to a great selection of random songs on my iPod, by the way), I went to Timothys for a coffee.  Usually, I’m only a one-coffee a day guy, but I find myself slipping into the two-a-day column.  I won’t fight it.  Anyway, I walk in, and there’s a table of young women.  I take them in, of course, and notice one of them (one who was facing me) glance at me with more than a “nice wallpaper” look.  Just barely more, mind you.  But I’ll take it.  Then, after I pass by them, I sense a couple of them who were facing away from me, turn and look in my direction.  I can only assume it was a “hey look at that vaguely familiar guy who may or may not be a freak” kind of scenario, but I’ll take that too.  Just find it interesting that that would happen (when it never happens) during the same lunch hour when I was pining about it never happening.
– I have an Atlantic Lotto ticket for last Wednesday’s draw.  I understand that there was a $100,000 tag won in Charlottetown this past draw.  I am sure it’s not my tag, and I suspect it’s already been claimed, but I purposefully didn’t check it today so that I could wait and check during my usual Monday/Friday lunches with DaveS.  Tomorrow, I find out that I’m a hundred-thousand-aire.  As I said, I know I’m not, but let me dream a bit, ‘kay.
-I find it backwards that there will be a longer winter if the groundhog sees its shadow.  Why wouldn’t a shadow, which implies sunlight, why wouldn’t that mean a shorter winter?  I *so* don’t want to find out the answer.

And that was pretty much the sum of my ordinary lunch today.


  1. Derek says:

    I have heard that the $100,000 Tag winner is Marie Hunter at the DVA. Sorry to burst your dream bubble!


  2. Rob says:

    Thanks for bursting that bubble, Derek. I almost had it all spent, too!


  3. Jason White says:

    Something you might no realize about captain sub, but you can upgrade to a large 2% milk, or choc milk for an extra 30 cents ($5.30), much better. Also you can get all natural sunkist fruit snacks instead of chips or cookies!


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