The Annekenstein Monster Oscar Pool 2007

Last year, I had 30 people entered into The Annekenstein Monster Oscar Pool.  I think our good friend Matt Rainnie won.

This year, since the blog has dwindled in postings and, most likely, readership, there probably won’t be as many entries.  Still, if you want to enter, please do so.  Click on this link:  The Annekenstein Monster Oscar Pool and make your choices.  Entries will be accepted until the morning of the Friday before Oscar weekend.

The winner, if I can remember, will win two tickets to a Sketch22 performance this summer.  Of course, since I’m going to win, I get to keep the tickets myself.  (If there’s a tie of winners, I’ll make a draw from them to see who gets the tickets)

Once again, here’s the link:  Click here to make your losing picks for The Annekenstein Monster Oscar Pool.

Good luck!

Edit:  If there’s a tie for the most correct picks, the winner will be the person who was earliest with sending their picks in.


  1. Oscar says:

    check out
    great oscar hosting website


  2. davem says:

    i’m one for one!


  3. davem says:

    two for two babies!!


  4. davem says:

    three for— aw, dang it… The Danish Poet? What the hell?


  5. davem says:

    West Bank Story! I’m back baby!


  6. davem says:

    I get ARKIN TOO! rainnie must be eating my diesel dust.


  7. g says:

    who won?


  8. Rob says:

    Results will be posted this evening.


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