Congratulations, Graham the Conquerer!!!

Graham the Conquerer 142-125 (53.2%) 159 pts
Jim Simmonds 131-136 (49.1%) 126 pts
spragger2002 122-122 (50.0%) 122 pts
reverseflash 128-139 (47.9%) 117 pts
RFTT1985 127-140 (47.6%) 114 pts
annekenstein 123-144 (46.1%) 102 pts

Here are the final results for The Annekenstein Monster’s The Weekly NFL Picks Page pick’em pool.  Graham the Conquerer smashes the competition with a startling 53.2% picking accuracy.  Yours truly performed atrociously, embarassingly so.  Never before have I picked so poorly.

Congratulations Graham!!
Thanks for playing, folks.  Most likely, it’ll be back next August, when I’ll vow to kick ass, and make it my personal goal to finish each week on the plus side of 50%.  Of course, I’ll also be high on the speculation that the Miami Dolphins will be able to make it to the playoffs (where anything can happen) this coming year.  I predict great things for the new coach, Cam Cameron.  Ricky Williams will be back, will remain drug-free for the entire season, and will be a legitimate backup to Ronnie Brown, who will have a banner year.  Culpepper will rebound from a terrible (injury-crippled) season and make a star out of Chris Chambers.

By the way, with Peyton Manning winning the championship, Dan Marino once again retains his mantle as the unquestionably best quarterback ever to never win a SuperBowl.  I’d say when Peyton didn’t have one, he’d have given Dan a bit of a run for that title.

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  1. RFTT1985 says:

    Congrats to Graham. And thanks to Annekenstein for hosting the competition. As they say at Maple Leaf Gardens, there’s always next year!


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