Auto Body, Manual Choice

Hey, anyone in the GCA (Greater Charlottetown Area) have any positive experiences with auto body shops?  This morning, a non-observant driver did us the favour of making us require the services of a fair and honest auto body shop by becoming rather too familiar with the back end of our vehicle.

Where has my loyal reader gone and was rewarded with honest and fair auto body service?

Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller? 
(and the award for pulling out an age-old reference goes to… Rob MacDonald!… “I’d just like to say, I’m surprised and shocked that I won this award.  I mean, the competition was pretty crazy this year.  There’s that guy who was blogging about his dog, and wrote “Who let the dogs out?”.  And of course, that lesbian-written blog post entitled “Where’s the beef?!”.  Worthy competitors, all.  [orchestral music starts to surge]  Anyways, I just want to thank everyone who voted for the Bueller reference, and also thank God and the marvelous Mr. Ruddy, my grade nine Industrial Arts teacher.  He’s gay… wait, that’s common knowledge, right?  That he’s gay.  I mean, I’m not telling secrets out of school, am I?  Revealing that Mr. Ruddy is gay, right here in this award speech for age-old references?  Anyway, looks like my time is up.  I’m just so happy that you love me!  That you really, really love me!”)

Yeah, so about those honest and fair auto body shops?  Anyone got one?  Anyone?  Anyone?


  1. Paul H says:

    What IS it with you guys and cars anyway? Have you pissed off the car God royally? Perhaps it is time to offer an automotive sacrifice? Maybe an burnt offering from your own driveway would suffice? Any ideas what might be there that you could burn in a glorious bonfire?


  2. Chris says:

    Rob, I too have had non observant drivers become too familiar with my bumper, drivers side and rear quarter panel. My choice was Koughan’s Autobody in Mermaid. At the time, the picked up and dropped my car off to me at work in Stratford; I don’t know if this service is still available, or if it carries a cost. The phone number is Koughan Auto Body – 902-569-3851
    Donagh Road RR 5, Charlottetown, PE C1A 7J8
    It’s not in the GCA, but maybe they’ll get your car from you.
    Good luck.


  3. graham says:

    My Moms Neighbour in Pownal.
    Ofcourse if his insurance is paying then go to Dalziels Auto Body


  4. Rob says:

    Dal-zee-els? Never heard of them.


  5. dave s says:

    hey rob.
    i always seem to end up at gaudet’s on, i think, eden street. reasonable prices and they clean your car too! but, you know, get a quote first…


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