TV Spinoff, Twice Removed

I’m stumped.
The challenge is to find an example of a TV show that is a spinoff of a spinoff of the original TV show.  I can’t think of one that exists to give as an example, but it’d be like if Niles spun off his own TV sitcom from Frasier, which itself was a spinoff of Cheers.

To be clear, it’s not a show (like Happy Days) that has numerous spinoffs from it.  There’s lots of examples of that.  But has there ever been a show that’s spun-off a show that itself was a spin-off of an original show.

I thought I might have found one:  The original was All In The Family… The Jeffersons was spun off that… Then I thought there was a short-lived sitcom spun off of the Marla Gibbs maid character ‘Florence Johnston’, but a trip through IMDB shows that to be a negative (although, Marla Gibbs’ Florence Henderson did, apparently, show up on one episode of Fresh Prince).

I cannot believe that there hasn’t been a show that’s a spinoff of a spinoff of an original show.  I’ll accept a tv character starring in three separate tv series, but preferably it’d be a separate character spinning off from the spinoff.  For instance, if Niles got his own show spun off from Frasier, which was a spinoff from Cheers.

Anyone?  Anyone?


  1. beryl says:

    I think you were on the right track, but it went more like…
    All in the Family
    and then the show with Maude’s maid with Jimmy the “Dynomite!” guy.
    I can’t remember the name of it though.


  2. dylan says:

    Well Happy Days did get it’s start on Love, American Style so technically it is a spin off and therefore all it’s varied spin offs are spin offs of spin offs. In the same vein The Andy Griffith show spun off from The Danny Thomas show so it’s eventual spin off Gomer Pyle USMC would be a spin offs spin off.
    And you were right Florence did spin off from the Jefferson’s in the forgettable Checking In. Quickly cancelled and Flo returned to the Jeffersons. I used to think 227 was a spin off but it wasn’t.
    Another in the All in the Family gang was Good Times which spun from Maude.
    Nurses was a spin off of Empty Nest which spun from The Golden Girls.
    I’ve watched too much TV and strangely enough Rob this is a question I investigated a few years ago.


  3. dylan says:

    Diagnosis:Murder spun from Jake and the Fatman which is a spin off of MATLOCK


  4. Rob says:

    Didn’t know that Good Times was a Maude spinoff. It was brought up in the Saturday night conversation about this topic but was dismissed due to our ignorance, I guess.
    Thanks Beryl. Not that it was a contest, but since you answered first, I guess you win.
    Dylan, somehow I knew you’d be the one with the answers. But that Matlock/Jake & the Fatman/Diagnosis:Murder knowledge is just creepy.
    Thanks for solving the puzzle, folks.


  5. dylan says:

    Strangely enough i had a conversation about Empty Nest yesterday night which is why it came to mind.
    My previous interest in this very spin off topic is why i know too much about the All in the Family and Happy Days interconnecting web of shows.
    Andy Griffith trivia was learned in Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader.
    Unfortunately Diagnosis:Murder was only discovered when I hit wikipedia looking for other spinoffs.
    You want bizarre tv trivia check out the tommy westphall universe theory.


  6. dave s says:

    that’ll lear ya to dismiss my good times knowledge, ya sons a bitches. i hope jj shows up at your doors to yell dy-no-mite!


  7. tiffany says:

    jake and the fatman is NOT a spinoff from Matlock.


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