The First Ten Numbers – Ranked

So, I saw a link on Digg to a webpage called The Ten Coolest Numbers.  I didn’t actually read much of it, but its existence spurred me on to a totally meaningless task:  ranking the first ten numbers in order in which I like them.  For the record (as I’m guessing someone might claim that zero should be the first number), I consider 1-10 to be the first ten numbers.  Here I go:

From Least Favourite to Most Favourite:

10) 9 –  The number 9 is just a nasty number for doing any mental numerical calculations.  That’s enough right there.  Plus, differentiating it from 6 on bingo balls, you have to put a line under it.  That’s a fatal design flaw.
9) 10 – I don’t like it, primarily because it’s the only one that’s a double digit.  Therefore, when doing numbered lists like this, because it’s a double digit, it screws up the line-spacing before the ) parenthesis.
8) 6 – Basically the same bingo ball problem from my dislike of the 9. Otherwise, it’s just the most boring of numbers.  Seriously, I think the whole world could do without the number six even existing.  What’s it good for, other than as a way to get from 5 to 7?  It’s a good for nothing number.
7) 2 – Way over-rated, in my opinion.  Way over-rated!!  Plus, because of its existence, we Canadians are stuck with the embarrassment of the word “Toonie”.
6) 5 – it’s an okay number for doing quick calculations.  All product totals should end in either zero or five, in my opinion.  If they did, the number 5 would soar up this list.  Scores points for the cool pentagon shape.  Loses points for looking like an S.
5) 8 – the eight suffers from the same problems that plague the six.  Mostly it’s a boring number, in terms of numeracy.  However, graphically, the 8 simply rocks!  And where would car racing or figure skating be without it?
4) 4 – I think the four is a cool number. Well deserves the number 4 spot on my list.  Admittedly, I don’t have much attachment to the 4, but it’s my wife’s favourite number, so it’s gotta represent on this list.
3) 3 – The three is a wonderful number.  It’s got a lot attached to it.  It’s historical (and hysterical, what with the comedy of threes), mythological, literaryical.  It’s a sweet, sweet number.  Plus, um, threesomes.
2) 1 – all the power and might of an army of one.  I think to like the number 1, one has to been secure in their own solitude.  If you don’t mind eating by yourself at a restaurant, chances are you’re gonna like the number one.

and my favourite first ten number:

1) 7 – First of all, it’s the only multi-syllabic number in the first ten.  It’s got that “seven days” importance vibe to it.  Honestly, I can’t qualify why I like the seven, it’s more of an intuitive thing.  The seven just rocks.

So, there you go.  My list of the top ten top ten.  How would you order the first ten numbers?


  1. stan rogers says:

    What a crock of shit. Flip your list and for the most part you have the correct order. 9 is the best number. Add the digits in any multiple of 9 and they equal 9 or a multiple of 9 (e.g. 72… 7 + 2 = 9). 9 makes any number its bitch. 7 is cool though (because of the movie).


  2. Rob MacD says:

    Okay, admittedly, that is a cool trick with the number 9. But it’s just a trick. Everything else about 9 sucks ass. The number 9 is the David Blaine of the first ten numbers. A big asshole number that has a huge head.


  3. stan rogers says:

    That isn’t a trick. It’s a rule of nature like water going from a liquid to a solid state of matter at precisely zero degrees… its an absolute… certainty in an uncertain world. 10 is the David Blaine because it is predictable and given more credit then it is due. I have no use for 4 either but I don’t know your wife so I will defer to you on that.


  4. graham says:

    10 is the greatest. 10 is perfect. Alas perfection may be boring, but even in a boring state it reigns over the other younger, more exciting, lower numbers.
    they get chronolocically worse. THIS IS THE ONLY LOGICAL ANSWER!!!
    Unless ranked like in sports where the pathetic lonely, single 1 is for some reason the best.


  5. Jay says:

    Bo Derek. Still a 10.


  6. stan rogers says:

    1 is the loneliest number.
    There I said it. I’ve resisted the urge to type this since I read the post but finally broke down tonight. Hopefully no one will read this since its an old thread. I can’t believe I went for the easy one and refered to that tired, cheesy old song. And I already hate myself a little more.


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