American Idol – The Top 11

I didn’t last long with my American Idol recap schedule, did I?  One episode.  Maybe next week.
Anyway, about this week:
Singing and performance was better by practically everyone this week, compared to past weeks.  I was pretty impressed with the advice and inspiration that Lulu was providing (or at least, was shown providing).  Peter Noone, not so much.  His performance was pretty blah, too, whereas Lulu totally kicked ass with To Sir, With Love.

What the hell was with that retarded kid crying all night long in the audience?  She was crying like I used to when I got lost at the K-Mart.  Even though they primarily focused on her during Angina’s terrifically awful performance of You Really Got Me Now (were the lyrics “I don’t know what I’m doin'” ever more accurate?), apparently she cried the whole show.  Every time they showed her, I literally put my hand out in front of me to block the television from my sight, so off-setting was her appearance and state.
LaKisha and the Doolittle woman were great. So was that other girl who is 17 or whatever.  Of the guys, I keep waiting for FatChris to hit one out of the park.  Last night wasn’t a homer, more like a single.  A good performance. I didn’t enjoy Phil Nosferatu’s song “Tobacco Road”.  Not my style of music.  Blake did a good job, but his ego is getting bigger than his voice is.  Better watch that.
What else?  Angina was awful.  I had been hoping he’d break out of his shell and find confidence and finally nail a song.  He almost ruined that Kinks song.  Ouch.  Hope he stays to the very end.  After all, a circus needs its freaks, right?

I was surprised the girl who went got eliminated.  I had her picked for the top five or so.  But her performance this week was her weakest so far, but not near the worst of the night.  I ranked her safe in the middle of the pack.

Crazy season of AI this year.  With the bawling child, are we witnessing the jumping of the shark? 

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