Don’t Play It On The Traffic Road…

You probably won’t find this as funny as I did, but I thought I’d share this anyway.
DaveS and I go to a dollar store (The Dollaroo) frequently (yes, that’s kind of sad), to check out anything that’s new and creepy or weird or odd, etc. One of our “things” is to read the instructions on any number of toys that are made in China or foreign lands, hoping to stumble upon a wonky translation. Here’s one of those:

It’s called a Skip’N’Hop. It’s one of those cheap little skipping rope toys, the kind where you put the plastic circle over your ankle and swing the ball at the end of the string around so that you end up skipping over it with your other foot. One of those.

Here are the on-the-back instructions for the Made In China Skip’N’Hop:

1. Put one end of the rope into the small hole in the ring. The length of the rope can be adjusted to meet your request, then fix it in the ring, make sure it is tightly fastened.
2. Throw the ball and jump, you can speed up the tempi as you play it more and more skillfully. If you have played it masterfully enough, you can circle the ring in or against the clock order and jump after the first either with the right or the left one.
3. The method of operating by more persons: First, lengthen the rope, then one person starts to play in the way just introduced, when the tempi has been steady, the others can join from any direction. Thus, friends can enjoy the game together.
1. You should coordinate your feet in case the rope would twist your ankle, which would stop the game.
2. Don’t play it with your hands, or you could hurt others.
3. Avoid your skin to be touched with the ring directly, or your skin can be scraped.
4. Don’t circle the rope around your neck, which would twist you easily.
5. Don’t play it on the traffic road, you know, it is dangerous.

How many times can you play it?

Play it running
Play it yourself
Play with a friend
Create new game
For aerobic class
For your health
For dance
My favourite caution is number 5. I also like caution 1, which seems to be more concerned with the game ending than with the twisted ankle.

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