American Idol – The Top Ten – Review

Quickly (because, really, that’s all it deserves, at the most), here’s my review of the performances on American Idol last night, and my prediciton:

LaKisha – A pretty good performance of Donna Summer’s “Last Dance”.  But rather forgettable somehow.  I think LaKisha is playing the game a bit too softly right now, and needs to reassert herself as the powerhouse woman she is.  Maybe she’s pacing herself, letting Doolittle take all the spotlight now, and then turn it on big time when it really matters.

Fat Chris – A terrible performance of The Police hit “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”.  Like they all said, he was off the beat and didn’t seem comfortable.  Hope his likability keeps him around another week so that he can try and redeem himself.  I like that he easily admitted that he basically screwed up on it.  Good for him.

Gina – The Pretender’s “I’ll Stand By You”.  I thought she did a great job.  Pretty in-control the whole song, on pitch for most all of it.

Sanjaya – Honestly, I didn’t mind the Pig-Tail-Hawk.  But to wear something like that, you need to back it up with a good performance, and Angina sucked.  He can hit most of the notes he tries to hit, but has no power in his voice and no confidence in his on-stage performance.  When will be the week when his lesser talent is more powerful than the power of the mob that wants to keep him around?  Not this week, I fear.  Like Simon said, his performance doesn’t matter, so no need to overly critique it.

Haley – Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors”.  I didn’t like this at all.  Thought it was very weak, and might cause her to leave this week.  But maybe she has a bigger fan-base that will keep her around a while longer.  Based solely on vocal performance, though, she needs to be very close to the bottom of the list.

Phil – The Police’s “Every Breath You Take”.  Didn’t really like this much, either.  I just don’t like Phil, I think.  He must have been reading forums from the past couple of weeks, because he did the smart thing and cover up that bald head and pointy ears.  Did he remind anyone else of Spock when Spock visits other planets and tries to pass himself off as “human” by wearing a cap that covers his ears?  Phil is Spock.  Probably a strong enough vocal to protect him this week.

Melinda – Donna Summer’s “Heaven Knows”.  Another very professional performance by Melinda.  She’s currently the cream of the crop and the one to beat.  Not much of a personality from her, though.  I predict the innocent aw-shucks thing will tire America of her.  Definitely safe this week though.

Blake – I like that he sang The Cure’s “Love Song”, and thought he did a good job vocally, but the arrangement was pretty boring.  Also, he has a weird melted-face thing that happens when he sings.  The top lip and bottom lip of his mouth don’t fit right.  And good job on appearing less arrogant this week.

Jordin – No Doubt’s “Hey Baby”.  I wasn’t crazy about this performance.  Kind of an odd song to perform for a singing competition, I thought.  Her outfit was a little weird, too.  Good enough not to worry though.

Chris R – No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak”.  I don’t really like his style of vocal.  Didn’t really enjoy this much.  Kind of forgettable.  But, to me, that’s Chris R.  Kind of forgettable.

My Bottom Two:  Sanjaya & Haley
America’s Bottom Two:  Haley & Phil

Who will leave:  Haley  (I know I’m wrong)

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