Don’t Ever Forget The Nuclear Bomb!

I watched all of the first season of “24”.  I got only so far in subsequent seasons before the “I can no longer suspend the disbelief” overtook me.
This season, though, I really decided to try and go full distance with “24”.  Over half way through the season, and I’m still with it, although barely.  I can ignore the disbeliefs necessary to move the plot forward.  Things like “it would be impossible for Jack Bauer to get from location A to location B in 13 minutes” and even “there’s no way a guy could be back at work minutes after being tortured with a power drill”.  I can get past that stuff.  I can even ignore the fact that CTU seems to have a serious problem with moles.  I mean, serious problem. But I look past that.  I find it hard, though, to buy the petty interpersonal entanglements that constantly thwart the smooth-running of the Counter Terrorist Unit division in Los Angeles.  Seriously, it’s like a high school there.  Not even.  Junior High.
Did they all forget that a nuclear bomb went off in the city in which they live (okay, nearby the city etc)?  If I was the head writer of “24”, this season, I’d have placed a placard in the writing room, where everyone could see it.  It would say “Don’t ever forget that a nuclear bomb went off”.  I would direct the writers to constantly have that bit of happenstance infer itself into everything that the characters do.
You know, things like “I may hate Rick Schroeder, but since a nuclear bomb just went off, I’ll put aside my differences with him and work toward the greater good”, and “I admit I have a sexual attraction to you, but now may not be the best time to make advances on that, since, you know, a nuclear bomb just went off, and all.  Besides, you were just interrogated pretty heavily and may be in a weakened mental state and maybe choosing this moment to kiss you is really not something I should be doing. Plus, yeah, well, the nuclear bomb.”

And don’t even get me going on Chloe.  I can’t stand that pouty, hooded-eyes drama queen.

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  1. stan rogers says:

    I had never seen an episode of ’24’ until a few months ago when I decided to plug that gap in my pop culture knowledge and rented the box sets of the first five seasons . I think that watching them as a marathon is the best way to enjoy them; its best if you don’t have too much time to think as they race from crisis to crisis. My enjoyment of them slipped as I got used to the format. You quickly learn that the threat in the first episode will only lead to the second threat and that will be a tangent to the final problem. I agree that high ranking traitors happen way too often. I have more of a problem with the instantaneous ability to dispatch tracking satellites and hack into ‘secure’ databases. I like the quality of actors they use [the guy from Dead Ringers, fat guy with a lisp from The Sopranos, guy from Airwolf (not so much)] and the fact they will kill off characters willy nilly. Jack Bauer should get a lot more respect considering the shit he has been able to pull off. I’m also a little turned off that Rush Limbaugh is a big fan and frequently stops by to have a cigar with Joel Surnow (the producer I think).
    On another note I’ve moved on to the “Rescue Me” box sets. I loved the first season but season 2 is becoming more like a sitcom. Still lots of swearing and ethnic slurs though which is a good thing.


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