Oh Say Can You See By The Down’s Early Light

Here’s a link to an American news story about a Down’s Syndrome young man who loves to sing.  He loves to dress up in a suit and tie like President Bush and sing the Star Spangled Banner.

Things to note:  Check out the articulate intro of the woman who did the story.  That’s “articulate” as in “not articulate”.  Also, do you find, as I do, that when they come back to the three at the news desk after the piece, that the other woman is particularly patronizing when she exclaims that the guy is “Precious!!”. I really don’t like the whole “isn’t it cute, he sings as if he’s normal” kind of vibe from the news people.  Finally, I would pay a million dollars (and obviously go into debt doing it) if the mother (I assume she’s his mother) in the piece had said: “Well, by the way he looked and the way he sounded, we knew quite early that he was Down’s Syndrome, which is fine.  But when he said he adored President Bush, well, then we knew he was retarded.”

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