Wanted: Blacks-Attired Henchmen

So, I made it through an entire day (24 episodes) of 24.  I usually can’t get past the first few hours because I can’t get past the leaps in time-logic that one is required to make in order to allow oneself to enjoy the show.

For instance, in this season’s “day”, Jack Bauer’s dad was found to be the man responsible for a lot of the badness that took place on this day.  The whole day (as is every “24” day) was a jumble of hatched plans, failed plans, failed contingencies on those plans, and last-second thrown-together plans.  The characters, good and bad, are constantly in a state of “that didn’t work, so now here’s a back-up plan”.  How in the world do they find time within that day to organize the newly hatched plans?

From where did the henchmen guys that Philip Bauer had on the oil rig in the last episode come?  I mean, it seems that the oil rig was a last-second sort of plan from Philip.  There can be no way, even three hours earlier, that he’d know the circumstances that were to come would lead him to taking his grandson and the computer chip (that the Chinese wanted so badly) to that oil rig, to perfectly coincide with the arrival of a Chinese submarine.  Half a day earlier, Philip Bauer was seemingly out of options, and out of the picture.  His intitial plan had blown up on him.  Obviously this new “oil rig” plan was a last-second scramble type thing.  So, how did he find the henchmen to come with him to the oil rig?  And when did he find them?  And what was their motivation?

So many questions that must remain unasked in order for one to enjoy the show.  It is really hard to ignore those questions.

But I’ll likely try next season to ignore some more glaring time-logic leaps of faith.

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